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Renato case: judge opposes the definitive dismissal of three doctors

The case involving the former director of the prison, prison guards and others prosecuted for the escape of 76 inmates that occurred in January 2020 was raised to oral and public trial.

The accusation was presented by prosecutors Federico Delfino, Fabiola Molas and Irene Álvarez against: the former prison director Christian Rolando González Morel, the guards, Luis Miguel González Larrea, Tadeo David Cristaldo Florentín, Arnaldo Matias Báez Torrez, Concepción Fernández Arguello, Alcides Villalba Arévalos, Justino Rolón Cantero, Rosalino Ocampos Diana, Robert Daniel Quevedo Añasco, Antonio Salinas Duarte, Adán Adriano Aquino Céspedes, Domingo Antonio Zaracho Martínez, Eligio Benítez Ortellado.

In addition to Francisco Javier Estigarribia Villalba, Marcelino Ferreira Rodríguez, Carlos Alberto Ortellado Morel, Evert Ramón Castro Ferreira, Pablo Alcides González Ayala, Ramón Amarilla Escobar, Héctor Cándido Florenciano Martínez, Nelson Ramón Pereira Ávalos, Nelson Rafael Zárate Amarilla, Cristian Roberto Pedra Cabañas, Alcides Ramirez Gonzalez,

Also to Óscar Antonio Ferreira Martínez, Sergio Toledo Venialgo, Gabriel Vicente Garcete Zorrilla and Ricardo Arévalos Santander. All those cited are accused of allegedly committing the punishable acts of Release of Prisoners, Frustration of Criminal Persecution and Execution, Criminal Association.

These people are accused of being the ones who facilitated the escape of 76 inmates through a tunnel dug inside one of the cells of the Pedro Juan prison, among them important leaders of the criminal group First Capital Command (PCC), who are presumed to have been they wanted to get out of confinement and the others fled when they found the opportunity and apparent complicity of the prison authorities.

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