Remember Polo Montañez in Las Terrazas

The tenth edition of the Jolgorio for Polo Montañez takes place until June 5 at the Las Terrazas Tourist Complex, in Sagebrush.

In the homeland of Fernando Borrego Linares, artistically known as Polo Montañez, a transitory exhibition is exhibited with the singer-songwriter’s personal belongings, while he performed a “Guatecazo” with sudden artists from the Punto Cubano project of the Casa de la Décima de Mayabeque.

With Colombia as the guest country, the organizers of the event announced the participation of the Los Cuenteros Guiñol Theater Group, the poetic clothesline, as well as concerts by Will Campa and his orchestra, and the late artist’s group.

Coordinated by the Musical Recordings and Editions Company (EGREM), the Jolgorio for Polo Montañez celebrates the life and work of the popular singer, who in a short period of time won the love of millions of people in Cuba and the world, from his debut album Natural Guajiro.

Fernando Borrego was born in Sierra del Rosario, Artemisa province, on June 5, 1955 and died on November 26, 2002 in an unfortunate traffic accident.

During his career he visited Colombia on several occasions and dedicated one of his songs to that country. He also performed in other nations such as Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ecuador and Mexico, where she shared the stage with other music stars such as Rubén Blades, Cesaria Évora, Compay Segundo and Danny Rivera.

Polo achieved rapid popularity thanks to songs like “Un montón de estrellas” and “Flor pálida”, which have since been covered by international artists such as Gilberto Santa Rosa and Marc Anthony. After his death, dissimilar tributes have been paid to him and the book was published bitter coffee with sageby Marisol Ramírez, who reviews passages from her life.

“If you fall in love with me”, “The last song”, “From below”, “Where will you be”, “My guitar”, “Appearance” are other songs that gave international recognition to Polo Montañez, who would be 68 this Monday year old.

Polo lives in his community

Luis Borrego Linares, brother of the singer-songwriter, is in charge of watching over the material memories that remain intact in his house, where hundreds of visitors pass daily. Polo lives in his community, he says, far from the cities, but close to the mountains, the rivers and the hearts of the people.

“We were born in the mountains and since we were children we made the guajira music of Cuba. Later they bring us to this town where we changed the format because we had current and we went on to do the one of the prodigious decade ”, counted to the provincial newspaper the artemiseño..

“Successes from the duo of Juan and Junior hit us, but there was no shortage of songs from well-known groups of the time such as Formula V,” he added.

Remembering his dear brother, he commented:

“Polo was always crossed. He was the youngest in the family and the old woman cared for him obsessively. She loved us all, however we got lost and she didn’t even ask, but Polo couldn’t take the mountain. I remember that one day he told her: don’t worry, you’re going to get there; Mom knew what music meant to Fernando, ”she narrated.

“Looking at some relatives, we learned to play some instruments, and at night we went to serenade each other two or three kilometers into the woods. At three in the morning we returned home and at about six the old man unemployed would tell us: Up, plant malanga! And in the field crazy because the night would come to sing again, ”he said.

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