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Relay at the INE: Deputies analyze proposals from those who will review profiles

Relay at the INE: Deputies analyze proposals from those who will review profiles

The Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Chamber met this Wednesday to analyze the sentence that ordered it to modify the call to elect four INE directors who will take office on April 4, 2023.

According to the legal area of ​​the Board, in which Morena and her allies have a majority, the Court “lacks the powers” to partially revoke, as it did, the bases of the process and there was interference with powers; however, it agreed to abide by the ruling.

CNDH now proposes Araceli Mondragón González

In this context, the new proposal of the CNDH to integrate the Committee was known. Mondragón is a teacher in Political Science, a doctoral candidate in Latin American Studies, an academic at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM) and a former professor at the Intercultural University of the State of Mexico.

The sociologist will replace María del Socorro Puga Luévano, a Morenista, retired housewife and specialist in Laughter Yoga, who had been promoted by the autonomous body to evaluate possible candidates for directors, and about whom the TEPJF had also received and a challenge, same that with the rectification of the CNDH is without matter.

The president of the Jucopo, Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the Morena deputies, acknowledged that Puga “did not guarantee” an impartial process and his appointment in the CTE “broke those principles” that established the call for its members: guarantee legality, transparency, impartiality, certainty in the evaluation process.

They ask to rule out Sergio López Ayllón

In the Jucopo, which is made up of the leaders of all the benches, the executive secretary and the Directorate of Legal Affairs of the Chamber also proposed to discard López Ayllón, doctor of law, former director, former general secretary and former head of the Legal Studies division of the Center of Economic Research and Teaching (CIDE), for the Committee for considering their ideological opinions.

“Dr. Sergio López Ayllón does not meet these characteristics, considering that he has issued opinions in favor of the INE and promoted the march on November 13,” the legal authorities considered in reference to the demonstration against the disappearance of the Institute. National Electoral.

In this regard, the Morenista Ignario Mier admitted that “chemically pure” they are not going to find anyone, for which he said they are going to review his profile.

What’s next in the process?

It will be until next January 2 when the Jucopo meets again to address the terms in which it complies with the Court’s ruling in which it ordered to modify the call for the election process of four INE directors. According to Mier, they could comply with the ruling and test the changes to the bases until February 1, when the regular session begins.

In accordance with the Court’s order, the bases must be modified since the CTE is autonomous and must not submit partial reports of its evaluations to Jucopo; This Committee must propose three quintets for INE councils and a specific one for the presidency of the Institute, in addition to establishing differentiated rules for these two types of positions, issuing differentiated ballots when submitting to a vote by the plenary session of the Chamber and distinguishing parity. of genre.

Thus, it will be next Monday when the Board will assess the members of the CTE proposed so far by the CNDH and the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) and on January 4 it could propose to the three that he has to name, of the seven members of the Committee, which must be installed no later than Friday, January 6.

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