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Relatives request maximum penalty against the son of a former Ortega magistrate who fatally ran over a couple and their child

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Relatives of the couple who were fatally run over by Daniel Rosales Frixione, son of the deceased former Ortega magistrate Francisco Rosales, expect an exemplary punishment against the man who caused the double tragedy.

The Prosecutor’s Office is asking for 42 years in prison for the fateful accident that occurred on the night of March 21 and in which Pedro Cubillo Mora, 30, and his partner Eilish Milagro Mora Torrez, 24, died. house, located in the municipality of Potosí, department of Rivas.

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As will be remembered, the unfortunate men were traveling aboard a motorcycle, along with their 18-month-old baby. As a result of the strong impact, the minor suffered serious injuries, for which he was transferred to the Gaspar García Laviana hospital in Rivas, where after several weeks hospitalized, he managed to recover.


Rosales Frixione was found guilty of fraudulent manslaughter. During the trial, the Prosecutor’s Office demonstrated that the son of the ex-magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice was driving his truck under the influence of hallucinogenic substances and at excessive speed. It is important to note that after the tragic accident, citizens assured, on their social networks, that the murderer had recklessly traveled several kilometers, attempting the lives of several people.

Rosales Frixione was arrested the following day by the Police in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, at the home of a Canadian.

«We witnessed how he, from early hours, was circulating in a completely drunk state, a young man took a photograph and uploaded it to Facebook, but days later he deleted it. In it you could see how this man with the last name Rosales recklessly parked on top of a ditch, in the parking lot of a supermarket»they denounced.

Rosales Frixione was found guilty of very serious injuries to the detriment of the minor and for exposure and abandonment of people, since after the accident he fled, after having run over the three passengers of the motorcycle.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested, for each homicide, 15 years in prison: ten for very serious injuries and two years for exposure and abandonment of people, but in Nicaragua the maximum sentence is 30 years. The same Prosecutor’s Office is also requesting the suspension of Rosales Frixione’s driver’s license for life.

the fatal day

The fateful accident that claimed the life of the couple occurred at kilometer 102.5, between the entrance of the municipality of Belén and that of a place called San Pablo, in the municipality of Potosí, in Rivas, in the south of the country.

According to the evidence presented in the trial, the son of the former magistrate, the night of the accident, was heading towards the municipality of San Juan del Sur and was traveling at 123 kilometers per hour, under the influence of marijuana and cocaine, but unfortunately when he caught up with the motorcycle, in which his victims were traveling, fatally ran over them.

Mora Torrez died instantly, however, her husband Pedro Cubillo, who sang in a musical group from Rivas, managed to be transferred alive in the ambulance to the Rivas hospital, but surrendered to death minutes later. Both left the 18-month-old boy orphaned.

Rosales Frixione left the red truck she was driving at the scene of the accident in the hands of Melvin Meléndez, who worked as her driver.

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