Relatives of Yorvert Medina deny his connection with El Koki

Relatives of Yorvert Medina deny his connection with El Koki

Relatives of Yorvet Medina sent a communication to the editorial office of Last News as a reply to the informative note entitled “30 Koki members are still at Cota 905” published on May 30.

In the communication, Medina’s relatives point out: “It should be noted that we have sought information and he is not requested by any police force, it seems totally unfair to us that by his statement, a totally innocent person, worker, collaborator and athlete, is paying a crime. that he did not commit, just as we complain about the police mistreatment that is being experienced in the area.”

The letter sent continues as follows: “On 5-31-2022 at approximately 10 in the morning, a commission from the Directorate against Organized Crime (Dcdo) arrives at your workplace, which is located next to the command post of the Bolivarian National Police located in Villa Zoila, where he carries out car wash and motorcycle wash work; they proceed to arrest him and his assistant at that moment his father, his aunt and a neighbor arrive, we ask why they are arresting him and they say that he is under investigation, they proceed to take him with his face covered to the Helicoide headquarters, we ask if we could go and they tell us yes, we left immediately, when we get to the place they give us the information that he is not there, I say yes because we recognized one of the policemen who took him away”.

Family members recount how the criminal process opened against Medina has been.

“On Friday 06-03-2022 they are transferred to the courts at approximately 10:42 am, they keep him there all day, a police officer indicates that we leave the site since his hearing was deferred for Saturday already that many people were waiting for a hearing, we as family members asked and they told us that if he had a hearing, where they put 45 days of investigation, and they transferred them to the headquarters of La Yaguara, we automatically went to the headquarters of La Yaguara to bring him food , and the police officer who takes him tells me that he is in a photo where he appears with El Koki embracing (fake), I tell him to show me that photo and he shows me the photo from the post and this time edited the photo with WANTED. They never showed us photos of what they say, they just tell me that he has an arrest warrant, I ask whose order it is and they tell me that the order was to arrest him.”

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