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Relatives of the amputee patient demonstrate: they ask for justice and the departure of Bataglia

On Wednesday afternoon, a peaceful demonstration organized by the relatives of Ramón Samudio took place on the grounds of the Central Hospital of the Social Security Institute (IPS).

During the demonstration, the relatives of Mr. Ramón Samudio demanded justice for the patient in the alleged case of malpractice, by amputating the wrong leg.

They also demanded the dismissal of the president of the IPS, Vicente Bataglia, and all the members of the entity’s Board of Directors.

To date, Don Ramón has already undergone three surgeries, in just one week, since the doctors had to re-cut 10 centimeters from the leg that was healthy and was initially amputated.

The patient Ramón Samudio, who entered the operating room on Saturday, with an authorization signed by his family, for the amputation of his right leg. However, the doctors cut off his left limb.

The patient’s daughter realized the error on Sunday morning, when she went in to see the man. No one informed the family about it, however, after the claim made that Sunday, when they were told to come back on Monday, because that day everything was closed, they belatedly responded the day before yesterday, that during the procedure they realized that the left leg was the most affected.

The IPS alleged that there was no mistake and that the only fault was not having informed the family about the “change of plans.” They recognized that the studies indicated the amputation of the right.

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