Relatives of Miguel Mendoza, concerned about his deteriorating health. They continue to deny him medical care

Relatives of the sports journalist and current political prisoner miguel mendoza They are concerned after verifying —in the ninth visit this Saturday, in “El Nuevo Chipote”— that the prisoner of conscience has health complications and does not receive adequate medical attention.

Margin Pozo, the communicator’s life partner, told Article 66 that in recent months she has not had blood tests, since as a chronic patient (suffers from diabetes, hypotension and uric acid) she needs constant medical check-ups.

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«Miguel (Mendoza) does not know how his glucose levels are. He has felt bad; he has given her a lot of pain in her back. He has quite frequent cramps in his legs, which does not allow him to sleep. He had told the general practitioner that he please give him something to calm the cramps or that they do a blood test, because he does not know what condition he is in».

«Miguel —Mendoza— does not know if these cramps are products of uric acid or a product of the diabetes he suffers from. We are very worried about Miguel’s health and that this could cause him something worse, “added Margin Pozo worried.

Miguel Mendoza weighs less than 150 pounds and with welts on his arms
Miguel Mendoza weighs less than 150 pounds and with welts on his arms

Mendoza, according to his life partner, realized to this day that the general practitioner who treats him does not have tapes to measure his glucose level. “Today I realize he doesn’t have glucometer straps, but I can carry a glucometer so he can be checked periodically,” he said.

Another of the situations that Pozo stated is that Mendoza has requested to be allowed to have a pillow and a blanket, because he has back pain, but the police authorities have told him that “the pillow is not allowed.”

“We demand that the guarantees of his human rights be respected and that he be treated by a specialist and not by a general practitioner who does not perform clinical examinations to have an assessment,” he said.

Bad nutrition

On the other hand, the journalist also emphasized that the food they give Mendoza is not adequate for a patient suffering from diabetes. “She told me that the gallopinto they give her in the morning has a lot of oil, is poorly cooked, and at noon they give her a large amount of rice,” she described.

“Before Miguel was arrested, he had a very careful diet because what could be good for diabetes could not be good for uric acid,” he remarked.

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Despite the adverse situations that the prisoner of conscience presents, Margin Pozo assures that «his countenance is still strong, with his smile, trusting in God, praying every day, always believing in God’s miracles, although he is still underweight. On June 27 he weighed 148 pounds, maybe he gained one two these days ».

It is subjected to violent searches

In addition, he pointed out that what surprised him the most was seeing Mendoza completely shave his head. «For me it was shocking to see that it was not the Miguel that I saw on June 11; his hair is barely coming out, I just told him what had they done to him, “he said.

“He told me that before they shaved him and respected him as much as they wanted, but this time the person who shaved him told him it was an order,” he said.

Daughter of Miguel Mendoza: Daddy, I miss you and I love you!  Please she come home soon »
Daughter of Miguel Mendoza: Daddy, I miss you and I love you! Please she come home soon »

As for the frequent searches to which the journalist and the other political prisoners are subjected, the Ortega officials lThey tie you up with bridles and put you facing the wall with your head down. «But what are they going to requisition if they can’t take anything? If today when I entered the officers they undressed me (…) This time they went too far », she reproached.

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Miguel Mendoza continues to demand that the Ortega dictatorship be able to see his eight-year-old daughter, whom he has not seen since last year after her arbitrary arrest. «I always ask if I can take the girl, but they always tell me that she is not authorized; I do not understand, because it is a right that the girl has to see her father, “concluded Pozo.

The Nicaraguan justice found the journalist guilty of the crime of “conspiracy to undermine national integrity,” in accordance with the controversial Law 1055. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. In addition, he was disqualified from holding public office. Mendoza is one of the 46 opponents arrested in 2021, months before the general votes in November.

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