Relatives implore for justice for the murder of a free trader

Relatives implore for justice for the murder of a free trader

June 26, 2023, 3:38 PM

June 26, 2023, 3:38 PM

The death of free trader Diego Dávalos Suazo, 63 years old, recorded on February 16 of this year, led investigators to imprison two alleged perpetrators; however, to date the process has not reached a trial, therefore the family continues to plead for justice.

This Monday, June 26, the hearing to reconstruct the facts was held, where the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and the two detainees in the case were transferred to the place of the murder, near Vallegrande avenue, in the capital of Santa Cruz, so that the experts carry out the forensic computer expertise.

The relatives of the free trader attended the reconstruction hearing/Photo: Juan Carlos Torrejón.

Alcira Dávalos, sister of the deceased, indicated that, more than four months after the crime, they continue with the open wound due to the loss of Diego, since a sentence has not yet been reached for those accused of being the murderers of her brother.

“We are imploring justice, This cannot go unpunished, my brother has been murdered. The people involved should be imprisoned and we ask for lto the maximum sentence for those who are detained,” said the woman.

He assured that the family will not rest until the murderers of Diego Dávalos are convicted. “We implore justice because we do not want more families to suffer cLike us,” he said.

The attorney for the victim’s family, Jonathan Mamani, indicated that the reconstruction work of the event is aimed at collect more items to reach the conclusion of a sentence, so that the main defendants identified as: Maiber Carrasco and Gilfredo Rocha, who are currently in preventive detention, have a sentence.

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They toured the place where the murderers prepared to commit the crime/Photo: Juan Carlos Torrejón.

“We ask the authorities for prompt justice and to protect the integrity of the victims, who are the relatives. We are ssurprised because this fact was recorded in February, but It’s been a long time and we continue to collect more elements,” he said.

He added that there are eyewitnesses who identified the two preventive detainees, images from security cameras have been collected and everything indicates that the murder was committed by the detainees.

The prosecutor assigned to the case, Néstor Tórrez, indicated that the two preventive detainees chose to refrain from testifying during the entire process of the murder reconstruction hearing.

He noted that the preparatory stage is still developing, since six months are contemplated in which the investigations are completed to just go to trial, if that is the case according to the results.

Relatives implore for justice for the murder of a free trader

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