Relatives claim the lack of progress in locating the 10 miners

Relatives claim the lack of progress in locating the 10 miners

“We are at 97% of water extraction, so we already have all the conditions to lower it today,” the official assured on Friday at the security cabinet meeting.

In a press conference from the “El Pinabete” mine, Martha María Huerta, wife of miner Sergio Cruz, assured that the fact that neither the state nor the federal government have managed to descend into the well keeps them in despair, since each time she is far away the possibility that they may be found alive.

“We are already desperate after so many days of lies and lies, we ask that someone support us to get our relatives out,” he exclaimed.

The relatives even affirmed that the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez Alzúa, has not provided fluid information to learn about the work done in the mine and therefore, they asked for help to arrive, including international help.

“What we want is nothing more, we want help, whether from here (from Mexico) or from abroad,” said Gabriel Rodríguez, a relative of miner Margarito Rodríguez.

The relatives of the miners demanded the resignation of the national civil protection coordinator, Laura Velázquez.

In an interview with the media in Coahuila, the national coordinator of Civil Protection Laura Velázquez acknowledged that in the rescue efforts they ran into some obstacles that have made it difficult to extract the trapped miners.

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