Rehabilitation of the Divalá water treatment plant has 86% physical progress

An 86% physical advance maintains the Divalá Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation Project as part of the modernization promoted by the National Aqueduct and Sewer Institute (IDAAN) in the province of Chiriquí.

The work, with an investment of 2.5 million balboas, will benefit more than three thousand inhabitants of the region, includes the construction of a new surface raw water catchment with a dam injecting 825 thousand gallons per day into production, a machine house for the drive line to the plant; construction of embankments with riprap and structural wall to protect against flooding and erosion.

In addition, a booth with a 15 kVA electric generator; underground storage tank of 75 thousand gallons and another elevated of 35 thousand maintaining continuous supply to the communities; as well as the rehabilitation of the building and the two existing floors.

This project, which is being carried out by the Viguecons-Estévez company, will improve the supply in downtown Divalá, parts of New Mexico, Vista Hermosa, El Orégano, El Estadio and surrounding areas.

In this way, IDAAN advances in its transformation process, creating sustainability, trust and helping not only residential but also commercial expansion in this sector of the province, which demands better service by providing its customers with a better quality of life. .

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