Registrations for the new edition of the Mipyme of the Year Award have opened

This award, organized by the National Development Agency (ANDE), seeks to recognize and make visible the initiatives of Uruguayan MSMEs that are boosting the country’s economy with their activities. It is aimed at micro, small or medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) from all over the country, in any field.

This year there will be 4 categories: Entrepreneurships or young companies with growth potential; Innovative MSME, which stands out for proposals with differential value (through the incorporation of technology or the development of a new product or with different characteristics from those that exist in your area); Traditional MSMEs, which have a long history where one or more generations can work; and Sustainable Mipyme, which with their activities generate a positive impact on people and communities or also on the environment.

All companies included in the MSME category, which have a permanent address in Uruguay and are up to date with their tax obligations, may apply until June 26. Applications can be made through the SME Centers or through the ANDE Portal. More information in this LINK.

Then an Evaluation Committee will choose 12 finalists (3 for each category), who will be announced through videos on the ANDE web and networks and it will be the public who chooses, by voting, the winning MSME of each category. The company with the most votes in each category will be consecrated as the Mipyme of the year 2023. The award ceremony will take place within the framework of the National Mipyme Day, on August 14.

The winners in each category will receive: technical assistance from a facilitator, who will dedicate 10 hours individually to the winning MSME in each category, to find practical answers to the detected needs; $120,000 to implement the work plan resulting from the technical assistance; recognition, visibility and communication support; and a communication kit that includes a promotional video and photos that allow the winning companies to have inputs for dissemination.

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