Regional Elections 2022: Familiar faces to the mayor of Yanahuara

Regional Elections 2022: Familiar faces to the mayor of Yanahuara

At least 14 lists of candidates compete for mayor of the district of Yanahuara, according to the internal elections of the movements and political parties. Some familiar faces and some new ones appear for the Regional and Municipal Elections 2022.

Among the candidates for the municipal office is the former president of the Peruvian Institute of Sports – Arequipa, Sergio Bolliger Marroquín, who is on the list of Arequipa Transformación. He is known in the discipline of athletics.

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The former councilor Pilar Vera Madariaga will run for mayor for the second time, this time for the Popular Action party. Orlando Mollo Medina of the regional movement Arequipa Avancemos, is another character who is running for the second time.

However, the former commander of the Seventh Fire Department, Ernesto Montoya Mogrovejo, will seek for the third time to reach the municipal chair, tops the list of Arequipa, Tradition and Future. She works in dentistry and is shown on social media as a member of the Arequipa Lions Club.

José Arce Paredes hopes to become mayor of Yanahuara for the democratic party Somos Perú. The 32-year-old applicant is the son of the former congressman and current candidate for the Regional Government of Arequipa, Rosario Paredess Eyzaguirre. It is the second time that he is a candidate, in 2011 he became a councilor of the commune when he was 21 years old.

The business administrator Manuel Vera Falconí seeks mayor of Yanahuara in the party of his relative, Marco Falconí, Fuerza Arequipeña.

Another who tries to be burgomaster is the social communicator Cesar Palma Galindowho goes for the party Alliance for Progressdespite the fact that he began politically in the Popular Christian Party, when he was an assistant to former congressman Juan Carlos Eguren.

This traditional district has a population of approximately 20 thousand inhabitants. It is preferred by foreign and national visitors due to the main square and restaurants.


Yanahuara’s Achilles heel is the peasant community of Tambo Cañahuas, whose inhabitants are incommunicado because of the lack of telephone operator antennas. In the COVID-19 pandemic they had inconveniences to connect to virtual classes.

Parents from Tambo Cañahuas met on April 26 with the mayor of the Yanahuara district, Ánghelo Huerta, who was asked to comply with the construction of two classrooms, promises made in 2019.

“The mayor told us in 2019 that the classrooms would be built, he laid the first stone and did nothing else”complained Tito Flores, father of the family.

Arsenio Huayhua, president of Apafa, reported that they have requested the authorization of the social premises so that at least 20 preschool and primary school children can run face-to-face classes.

From the district municipality they announced that the work will begin on June 24, before updating the files and requirements for the material. The work will be done in two stages, the first will be the construction of classrooms and a multipurpose environment and the second stage will be implemented with a multimedia cannon, recreational games, furniture, among others.

Yanahuara is one of the few districts that does not have a swimming pool, there is a project in the Huaranguillo sector that the provincial municipality of Arequipa promised to execute and to date the work has not started, which was even claimed by the mayor Anghelo Huerta .

The roads of Víctor Andrés Belaunde and Metropolitana avenues are in poor condition and the neighbors demand that it be intervened with the change of asphalt.

There is a commitment between the district municipality and the Regional Government to unblock the project and execute the work during the 2022 period, taking into account that the avenues were used as alternate routes during the construction of the Uchumayo bypass.

  • According to the National Elections Jury, in the last elections 28 thousand 888 voters were registered in Yanahuara


  • Arequipa, Tradition and Future: Ernesto Montoya Mogrovejo
  • Arequipa Transformation: Sergio Bolliger Marroquín
  • We are Peru: Jose Arce Paredes
  • Reassess: Aldo Franco Salinas
  • Popular Action: Pilar Vera Madariaga
  • Advance Country: Fiama Gutiérrez Linares
  • Together for Development: Jolwer López Zúñiga
  • Purple Party: Gonzalo Alvarado Bustamante
  • Arequipa Force: Manuel Vera Falconí
  • I Arequipa: Luis Peralta Murillo
  • Alliance for Progress: César Palma Galindo
  • Arequipa Let’s move forward: Orlando Mollo Medina
  • United for the Great Change: Eusebio Ancalle Llamocca
  • Free Peru: Milagros Moyoli Guñez

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