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Regime sends Fernando Bécquer to prison for violating conditions of his sentence

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer was sent to prison for violating the conditions of limitation of liberty that had been imposed on him for committing sexual abuse against several women.

The change in measure was informed this Thursday by the People’s Provincial Court of Havana, which assured that Bécquer “has recently committed serious acts that flagrantly and notoriously fail to comply with the requirements of good conduct and respect for the norms of social coexistence.” , to which he was obliged in compliance with the aforementioned legal situation, as had been previously warned.”

The judicial body recalled in a release that Bécquer was serving an alternative sentence of three years and four months of limitation of liberty, or probation, “for various crimes of lewd abuse.”

According to the Court, the change in measure is covered by Article 33 section 1, subparagraph b) of Law No. 152 of 2022, known as the Criminal Execution Law.

“By virtue of the new judicial resolution issued, from now on, said citizen will comply with the sanction imposed in an internal regime in a penitentiary establishment,” the note added.

The Bécquer case broke out in December last year when the The Sneeze Magazine published five complaints from five women against the Cuban troubadour for acts of sexual abuse.

After the publication of the text, dozens of women joined the list of complainants, assuring that they had also been abused by the singer-songwriter.

Finally, the trial against Fernando Bécquer It took place in Havana in October of last year and lasted more than 12 hours. At the oral hearing, some 30 victims testified against the singer-songwriter for committing violent acts of a sexual nature without his consent.

Although Bécquer always had the protection of the island’s regime and cultural institutions, his luck changed at the beginning of 2023 when he published his new song “Guaracha feminista” on social networks, which was received harsh criticism by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC).

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