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Regime says that limitations on Cuban baseball players “are unfair and discriminatory”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban regime insisted this Wednesday on the “discriminatory” nature of the limitations imposed on Cuban Major League Baseball players and those who have legal residence in the United States, who will not be able to join the Island’s national team until March 3 .

Diplomat Miguel Manuel Fraga González, a specialist from the General Directorate of the United States of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), expressed his disagreement with the conditions imposed by that country on the participation of athletes in the fifth World Classic, which will start on March 8 of this year.

In interview offered to Associated Press, Fraga pointed out that “in order for Cuban players residing in the United States, whether or not they are from Major League Baseball, to be part of the Cuba team, the organizers had to obtain another permit from the United States government, which does not happen with other players either. no teams. And he explained that such a license, as reported to the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB), has limits.

In this sense, Fraga regretted that Cuban big leaguers cannot travel to the island to train or to participate in any other activity related to the baseball tournament, including a possible celebration of the title.

“That is why they cannot come to train and cannot travel to Cuba after the event, not even if they win the fight. That does not happen to any other player or team,” denounced the official.

The diplomat added that, “in the case of Cuba, this also applies to non-MLB players with legal residence in the United States, who will only be authorized to join on the same date of March 3. This does not happen to any other player or team in that condition.

According to Fraga, “the limitations imposed on Cuban baseball players and our baseball for their participation in the V Clásico, by the United States government, are unfair and discriminatory. And nothing justifies them.”

Last night, the authorities of the Cuban Baseball Federation presented on a television show the team who will represent the Island in the Classic. The 30-player roster, in which there could be changes, is made up of two catchers, eight infielders, six outfielders and 14 pitchers.

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