Dictatorship outlaws 25 NGOs and hits culture, children and human rights.

Regime prepares the cancellation of another 96 NGOs in Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega’s regime maintains its attack against civil society organizations, requesting the National Assembly —dominated by the Sandinista Front— to cancel another 96 NGOswith which the number of NGOs canceled since 2018 will rise by 452, of which 378 have been liquidated so far in 2022.

The initiative for the Decree for the Cancellation of Legal Entities was presented by Sandinista deputy Filiberto Rodríguez, who accuses the organizations of failing to comply with the General Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities and the Law against Money Laundering.

Among the organizations that will be canceled this Thursday, June 2, are social development, environmental and cultural promotion NGOs, which will join the extensive list of organizations canceled for alleged non-compliance with the presentation to the Ministry of the Interior (Migob) of their financial statements, “according to the fiscal periods with a detailed breakdown of income, expenses, trial balance and details of donations, (origin, provenance and final beneficiary)” and for having their boards of directors with expired periods.

Given the imminent cancellation of legal status, the Nicaraguan Development Institute (INDE) —which is one of those affected— reported through a statement that since 2014 it ceased to be an association supervised by the Migob and was registered in the Registry of Chambers, Federations and Business Confederations of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce (Mific), so the cancellation of its legal personality “does not harm its current legal status and, therefore, it continues to operate normally.”

Directors of canceled organizations have indicated that, on repeated occasions, the Migob refused to receive the requested documents. So this crusade of the regime against the NGOs is not explained.

Organizations to be canceled

  1. Multidisciplinary Association for Development (AMDES)
  2. Association of Agroecological Promoters of Oriente Chavarría (APAORICH)
  3. Association Economic and Social Development Agency for the IV Region (ADES)
  4. Association Nicaraguan Society of Pediatrics
  5. Cultural Association “Chorus of Angels”
  6. Peasant Development Foundation Sollicitudo or Rei Socialis (FUNDECAP)
  7. Sister Maura Clarke Medical Foundation
  8. Association of Professionals and Technicians for the Prevention of Occupational Risks and the Environment of Nicaragua (ANISHA)
  9. Bread and Love Association
  10. Center for International Studies Foundation (CEI)
  11. Foundation for Community Promotion and Progress (FUNPROCO)
  12. Earth and Life Foundation (FTV)
  13. Alternative Foundation for Integral Development (ADI)
  14. Nicaraguan Women’s Foundation (FUNIC-MUJER)
  15. Federation of Professional Associations of Nicaragua (CONAPRO)
  16. Pro-Vision to the Future Association (APROVIAF)
  17. Microenterprise Support Foundation (FAMIC)
  18. González Arana Brothers Pianists Association (AHGA)
  19. Ramón Raudales National Foundation (FNRR)
  20. Guises Experimental Mountain Association
  21. Friends of Ometepe Foundation (FAO)
  22. Rivas Casino
  23. Institute for Economic and Social Development (IDES)
  24. Quetzalcoatl Theater Association
  25. Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Minor Offenders and their Social Reintegration
  26. Civil Association of Coffee Growers of Matagalpa
  27. Nicaraguan Association for Life (ANPROVIDA)
  28. Nicaraguan Development Institute (INDE)
  29. Miguel de Larreynaga Development Foundation
  30. Girl’s Heart Foundation, Nicaragua (CDNIC)
  31. Association for the Development of the Almond Tree (Asodeal)
  32. Association of Center for Education for Democracy (CED)
  33. Rivas Municipal Development Foundation (FUNDEMUR)
  34. Maria Cavalleri Foundation (FMC)
  35. Atlantic Pacific Foundation of Nicaragua
  36. Foundation for the Development of Private Wildlife Reserves of Nicaragua (Red de Reservas Silvestres Privadas)
  37. Association for the Development of the Community of the Nineteenth of July Neighborhood (ADC Barrio 19 de Julio)
  38. Nicaraguan Internet Association (AIN)
  39. Foundation for Agroforestry Development, Environment and Natural Resources of the Las Minas Sub-Region (Las Minas Foundation)
  40. Central American Ecological Friends Foundation (Funamecos)
  41. Professional Network Foundation for Small Entrepreneurs of Nicaragua, Central America, BPN Central America Foundation
  42. Association for a Healthy Masaya (Fumas)
  43. Nicaragua-China Cultural Foundation
  44. Enlightenment Foundation
  45. Foundation Forging the Future of Nicaraguans (Forfunic)
  46. Reborn Association of Nicaragua
  47. Foundation for the Comprehensive Training of Peasants (FUNDICAM)
  48. Foundation for Integral and Sustained Development of Nicaragua (FUDISNIC)
  49. Association of Young Women Fighters (Jolu)
  50. Association for the Community Development of Nejapa (ADECON)
  51. Emmanuel Foundation (FE)
  52. Association of Nicaraguan Consultants (ACON)
  53. Peace and Development Association
  54. Nicaraguan Association of Vegetable Growers (ANIVEG)
  55. Nicaraguan Family Today Association (AFHN)
  56. Nicaraguan Restaurant Owners Association (ADRENIC)
  57. Old Force Foundation (FUV)
  58. Kurinwas Good Samaritan Community Association (ACBSKU)
  59. Association Society for the Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights of Nicaragua (NICAUTOR)
  60. Tenoli Foundation, Tenoli
  61. Association Helps Women Entrepreneurs with Low Resources (AMER)
  62. Association of Caribbean Women, Adolescents and Youth (ADMAJ)
  63. Comprehensive Association for Peace and Life (ASING-PAVI)
  64. Foundation for Integral, Sustainable and Sustainable Development of the Department of Carazo (FUNDISCA)
  65. Coyde Foundation for Cooperation and Development (COYDE)
  66. Matagalpa Foundation for Development (FUMATDE)
  67. Association of Professionals for the Socio-Economic and Democratic Development of Nicaragua (APROFENIC)
  68. Civic Association for Integral Development (AUCIPADEIN)
  69. Peasant Communal Development Foundation
  70. British Nicaraguan Association in Nicaragua (ANB)
  71. Western Forestry and Agroecological Development Association (ADEFOR)
  72. Love for Neighbor Foundation
  73. Democratic Youth Forum Foundation (FJD)
  74. Cordillera Verde H2O Foundation or Cordillera Verde Foundation
  75. Association of Entrepreneurs Towards a New Top (AEM-HNC)
  76. Cally-Tanday Foundation, Union House, Cally-Tanday
  77. Association of Nicaraguan Unemployed Movement for Peace (MODENIC)
  78. Foundation for the Social and Integral Development of the Family (FUNDESIF)
  79. Leon Tourist Board Association
  80. Intercommunity Association for the Strategic Development of the Cosigüina Peninsula (AIDEPC)
  81. La Cuculmeca Education and Communication Association
  82. Foundation for the Love of my People (PAMP)
  83. Foundation of Light and Hope in Nicaragua (FLEN)
  84. Alternative Association for Full Life (Alternative)
  85. Global Challenges and Local Actions Foundation (FUNDAGLOBAL)
  86. Children’s Association of Working Boys and Girls of Jinotega (TUKTANSIRPI)
  87. Foundation for Nicaraguan Comprehensive Social Development (FUN DESINIC)
  88. Young Nica Association (Young Nica)
  89. Egdolina Thomas Foundation, for the Defense of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua
  90. Nicaraguan Association of Patients Contaminated with Toxic Products (ANPACT)
  91. Fratum Foundation (FF)
  92. International Foundation for Freedom, Culture and Integration—Esquipulas Foundation (FES)
  93. Indian Asla Takanka Indigenous Cultural Center Association (Indigenous Unit)
  94. Association for the Development of the Communities of Nueva Guinea (ADEGNUG)
  95. Nicaraguan Network Association of Traditional Health Systems with Medicinal Plants and Other Alternative Therapies (Red Plamotanic)
  96. Association for Sustainable Social Development of San Pedro de Lóvago, Chontales (Quitulia)

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