Regime orders to cancel another 100 NGOs, including one of historical Sandinistas

The Sandinista-majority National Assembly intends to cancel next week the legal status of another 100 Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), including the Association of Historical Combatants and Collaborators of the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Chinandega September 9, the Nicaraguan Foundation of Former Fighters for Freedom, Democracy and Reconciliation of America and the Association of Women of the Nicaraguan Resistance; which would bring to 1,206 the number of organisms canceled during the course of 2022.

The closure of the NPOs was requested by the president of the Peace and Governance Commission, the Sandinista deputy Filiberto Rodríguez, who points out to the organizations that they do not register as foreign agents and fail to comply with the General Law of Regulation and Control of Non-Profit Organizations, which entered into force on May 6. Situation that, argues the deputy, “hinders the control and surveillance” carried out by the Ministry of the Interior (Migob).

Among the new organizations that the regime plans to annul are the Casa de la Mujer Marjorie Tuit Association, the Foundation for the Restoration and Comprehensive Formation of Children, Youth and Spiritual and Material Adults; Association of Women for the Integration of the Family in Nicaragua, Good Hope Nicaraguan Women’s Shelter Foundation, Feminist Movement for Diversity Association, Our Own Light Rural Women’s Committee Foundation, Nicaraguan Entrepreneurial Women’s Association, Unemployed Women’s Movement Association of Estelí and the Association of Mayagna Indigenous Women.

Similarly, the Association of United Pharmacies of Nicaragua, the Northwestern Association of Orthopedists and Traumatologists, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and Survivors of León, the Renal Foundation of Nicaragua, the Nicaraguan Association of English Teachers, the Nicaraguan Foundation for Popular Education will be cancelled. and Environmental, Education Plus Association of Nicaragua, Association Educating for the New Millennium and Association for the Defense and Education of the Rights of Consumers and Users.

The regime’s arguments for canceling the NPOs are the same in all cases and the topic is not even discussed by the deputies, who will vote on the initiative next Tuesday, August 9.

Among the organizations that will be canceled are environmentalists, educational, defenders of children’s rights, human rights, feminists, indigenous rights, cultural, entrepreneurship, democracy and health.

On the list to be canceled are the Dios es Amor Home for the Elderly Foundation, the Development Foundation for a more dignified life, the Managua Lions Club, the Manos Amigas Foundation, the Health and Social Welfare Association, the Nicaraguan Center for Social Rights Association, the Association for the Development of Capacities in Public and Business Management, Fundación Nueva Tierra, Nicaraguan Union of Agricultural Farmers Association, Institute for Sustainable Development Association, Center for Study and Action for Development Association and the Peace, Justice and Non-Violence Secretariat.

In addition, the Association for the Protection and Restoration of Water Resources, the Association of Owners of the Santa Rosa Community, the Association of Nicaraguan Consultants for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, the Global Development Foundation, the Association of Tourist Guides of Nicaragua, the Rural Community Foundation of Nicaragua, will also be cancelled. , Patriotic Participation Group Association, Partners Foundation for the Development of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, Association for Regional Agroecological Development, Youth Foundation for Social Development, among other NGOs.

Here the Complete list of NPOs that will be cancelled.

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