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Regime on the hunt for parody accounts: “They are false and we ask users not to follow them”

MIAMI, United States. — The Cuban regime continues to hunt for so-called parody accounts, a widespread initiative on social networks that seeks to satirize the propaganda promoted by the Castro dictatorship.

On this occasion, the “victims” were the Presidency of Cuba and Salvador Valdés Mesa, who was appointed Vice President of the Republic of Cuba in 2019.

“We denounce the two accounts created on the Facebook social network in the name of the Vice Presidency of the Republic of Cuba and Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa. Both are false and we ask users not to follow them”, warned the Cuban Presidency itself in social networks.

The publication indicates that Valdés Mesa does not even have a Facebook account and that it is only possible to follow him on Twitter.


In the case of the false account of Salvador Valdés Mesa, it only shares content related to the ruling party, which could lead many users to think that it is an official account of the high-ranking official.

It is not the first time that the Cuban regime denounces the existence of false accounts of its leaders and representatives on social networks. From Raúl Castro to Díaz-Canel, passing through Abel Prieto, Randy Alonso and many other leaders, parody or false accounts have become a fashion that annoys, and greatly, the top staff of the dictatorship.

For many users, the denunciations of the Havana regime never cease to surprise due to the large number of false accounts (cyberclarias) that Castroism has disseminated on social networks to try to manipulate opinion states inside and outside the Island.

In October 2020, Facebook and Twitter reported on the dismantling of false accounts linked to organizations controlled by the Cuban regime.

The social network Twitter revealed that it was forced to suppress a network of 526 false accounts that were managed by organizations such as the Union of Young Communists (UJC) and the University Student Federation (FEU).

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