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Regime intensifies agricultural law: It will fine 20,000 pesos to those who fail to comply with it

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Madrid Spain.- The Cuban government will be able to fine up to 20,000 pesos to farmers who fail to comply with the recent “regulations for the control and registration of large cattle and pure breeds.”

The new regulations, published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba No. 89 Ordinary of August 24, 2022, also establishes the confiscation of their cattle.

According to the document, the tightening of the law is due to the fact that “the amounts of the pecuniary sanctions do not meet the purposes for which they are planned and the measures approved to boost agricultural production in the country.”

Owners who “do not appear before the corresponding Livestock Registry, within the established term, to update the data related to large livestock” will be sanctioned with fines of 20,000 pesos.

The same will happen to ranchers who “possess large livestock that have not been declared or duly registered in the Livestock Registry” and “allow the presence of large or small livestock belonging to them or under their custody in any of the circulation routes.”

With amounts of 5,000 pesos, for each animal, those who transfer larger cattle from one farm to another located in the jurisdiction of different Livestock Registries, without the document that authorizes the transfer, will be fined.

While those who buy, receive, sell or transfer large livestock without the corresponding authorization will be fined 10,000 pesos for each animal.

The new legislation specifies that livestock registrars and inspectors and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture will be in charge of applying these fines.

The winners who are sanctioned and wish to appeal will have to present the appeal before the municipal and provincial delegates of farming.

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