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Regime insists: All self-employed have to make the Affidavit

MADRID, Spain.- The official media Granma published an article this week to remind that this year all self-employed workers (TCP), both those of the general regime and those of the simplified one, have to present the Affidavit of the personal income tax corresponding to the fiscal year 2022.

Regarding this process, the director of Taxpayer Services of the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT), Arelys Pérez García, indicated that the self-employed who have a digital signature or certificate can submit their sworn statements through the ONAT Tax Portal. According to her, she specified, only 840 taxpayers have requested the digital signature.

According to the information, this website gives access to all the declaration and payment models, as well as the computer tools to fill them out and calculate the taxes.

In their eagerness for the self-employed to do the declaration, It has been established that those who declare and pay the tax before February 28 will be discounted 5% of the amount to be paid as a bonus, for prompt payment, and if they make said contribution through electronic payment channels, such as Transfermóvil and EnZona, it will be It also discounts them by 3%.

The process of presenting the Affidavit and payment of taxes began on January 10.

The day before Granma, when announcing it, he clarified that the members of the miymes The expenses that they have had in their management will not be considered, which will result in a higher tax to be paid. And on this occasion, he also pointed out, for the first time, all the self-employed, including those who pay taxes under the simplified regime, must submit the aforementioned sworn statements. Those who declare income of less than 200,000 pesos will not pay additional taxes. But, for next year, the authorities have already announced that they will require the declaration of a minimum income, which could cause everyone to have to pay those taxes at the end of the fiscal period.

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