Regime imposes large increase in cadastral rates

Regime imposes large increase in cadastral rates

The Nicaraguan Institute for Territorial Studies (Ineter) authorized a series of increases in cadastral services and rates that, in some cases, reach up to 700%. At the same time, it created new charges that were not previously regulated.

The adjustment to cadastral services and rates was announced on Thursday, October 27, through the Administrative Resolution 125-2022published in La Gaceta, Official Gazette, in which Ineter justifies that since 2017 the National Cadastre Commission “has not varied or modified the amounts of the services” offered in the General Directorate of Physical Cadastre of Ineter.

“The amounts for cadastral services have remained unchanged in recent years, even when statistically they are below their real cost, which represents a higher operating expense and material costs for the institution,” says the Ineter resolution.

Among the services whose value was modified is the issuance of a Cadastral Certificate, a certificate of Cadastral Data, a special form, a certificate of Cadastral Data for replacement of the Registration Seat, review and approval of topographic plans for cadastral purposes, revalidation of topographic plans, revalidation of Certificate Cadastral, literal transcription for Seat replacement, Cadastral Maps, Cadastral Technical Report, Cadastral Technical Guarantee, and the process of Cadastral License.

Increase up to 700%

The new amounts for cadastral services They range from 10 cordobas, by a photocopy of the cadastral administrative file, up to 10,000 cordobas by the Cadastral Technical Guarantee Y 20,000 cordobas the Cadastral Technical Report.

When comparing the new authorized amounts with the previous prices, established in the Administrative Resolution 001-2017 of Ineter, the magnification is up to 700%. Proof of this is the cost of the new Cadastral License that went from 1,000 cordobas to 5,500 cordobas and its renewal varied from 500 cordobas to 3,600 cordobas.

Similarly, the Cadastral Technical Report went from 6,000 cordobas to 20,000 cordobas and the Cadastral Technical Guarantee went from 5,000 cordobas to 10,000 cordobas.

The review and approval of topographic plans also experienced a significant increase compared to the rates of 2017. For the urban area, they range from 1,500 to 8,000 cordobas, when in the previous rates they ranged from 450 to 1,700 cordobas.

In rural areas, the cost of reviewing and approving topographic plans was established between 1,500 and 20,000 córdobas, depending on the size of the parcel. Previously, the authorized rate varied between 700 and 4,000 cordobas.

In addition, the value of the records of Cadastral Data for the replacement of Registry Seats, the Revalidation of Urban and Rural Topographic Plans, the revalidation of the Cadastral Certificate and the literal transcription for replacement of Registry Seats; went from 300 córdobas to 500 córdobas.

New collections authorized

The new Ineter resolution also authorizes charges for services that were not established previously, among them the Electronic Plot Protection, whose value was set at 2,000 córdobas and to cancel it, it costs 1,000 córdobas; the sale of a plot of land with direct adjoining (with course) also has a value of 1000 córdobas and the sale of a plot of land with direct adjoining (without course) 800 córdobas.

Other authorized charges are the printed Microfilm, 500 cordobas; Microfilm refusal certificate, 500 cordobas; Certificate of Active Topographer, 500 cordobas; proof of location, 500 cordobas; certified photocopy of Historic Cadastral Document, 300 cordobas; photocopy of cadastral administrative file, 10 córdobas; and the application form for cadastral processing, another 10 córdobas.

Other charges authorized by Ineter will be given in the cadastral certificates for urban and rural areas. In the case of urban areas, the authorized value varies between 1,200 and 8,500 cordobas depending on the square meters. In the rural case, they range between 1,500 and 20,000 cordobas depending on the number of hectares.

In the same way, rates are established for the proof of cadastral data. In the case of urban areas, the charges range from 500 to 2,000 cordobas and in rural areas, between 500 and 3,000 cordobas, also depending on the size of the plot. In addition, the charge for the special form and certificate of conformity of boundaries is established.

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