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Regime gives activist Yoel Acosta an ultimatum to leave Cuba

MADRID, Spain.- The reporter and human rights activist Yoel Acosta Gámez received an ultimatum from the Cuban regime: if he does not leave Cuba before next April 1, he will be put on trial for the alleged crimes of attacking State Security and incitement to disobedience.

Through a recording, Acosta Gámez denounced that he was recently summoned again, this time by telephone, to appear at the Unit of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) in Baracoa, the town where he lives.

“This time the summons was for a post I made on Facebook calling for the release of political prisoners and a change in the country’s system. They told me that when he made one of those posts again he was going to be jailed. During the interrogation he was also accused of being a “mercenary paid by the CIA who responded to the interests of another government,” he recounted.

But the main reason for the summons, denounced the reporter, was remind you, under threatswho two months ago was given until April 1 to leave Cuba.

“They told me that if I didn’t leave I would face a trial with a court charged with the crimes of attacking State Security and inciting disobedience,” denounced Acosta Gámez.

“They tried to emotionally blackmail me with my family. They told me to think about my children, about my mother who is sick, about my wife’s health, which is not the best either, and to think about myself, about my conditions as a human being, that because I am an HIV patient I am not in a condition to to be in prison. That they were not responsible for what could happen to me in prison,” added the activist.

Faced with this constant harassment and recent threats, the reporter sent a message to the regime: “I hope that one day not too far away this communist regime will fall and my country will be a free country, with dignity, where human rights are respected, freedom expression; a country without a dictatorship, without a small group of people like them (the rulers) who run a country only to enrich their pockets. Be careful, karma exists and everyone has their time”.

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