Regime enables ATMs for your purchase of foreign currency

Madrid Spain.-This Tuesday the purchase operations began, by the Cuban regime, in ATMs, exchange houses (CADECA) and shops, reported the Central Bank of Cuba (BCC).

“It is reported that as of today, Tuesday, August 9, operations begin through ATMs and point-of-sale terminals located in banks, CADECA, and businesses that currently offer their products and services in CUP. Through these two electronic payment channels, the RED system cards associated with the products in MLC, issued by the Banco de Crédito y Comercio, Banco Popular de Ahorro and Banco Metropolitano, may carry out operations, except those associated with legal persons of the Forms of Non-state management”, indicates the BCC in informative note.

In addition, they will be able to operate the VISA and MasterCard cards that are accepted in the country for the extraction of CUP and the purchase of products and services in stores authorized in this currency.

The entity indicates that it is working on the implementation of other options in ATMs and other electronic payment channels, “so that the National Payment System has operations with the new exchange rate incorporated.”

The Cuban regime announced on August 3 that it would begin the following day to buy foreign currency, including dollars in cash, but that for the time being they would not sell it to the population.

The minister of the Central Bank of Cuba, Marta Wilson González, specified that the dollars would be bought at 120 Cuban pesos.

after this ad Cubans were quick to express their disapproval on social media.

“How will the currencies and MLCs be put to us now for those of us who need to buy them in the ‘informal market’ in order to later be able to buy them in the MLC stores (which, by the way, is still the only market in which today we can acquire something we need)”, asked on facebook the writer Nelson Simón, president of the UNEAC in Pinar del Río.

“Have they thought of us, the consumers?”, he also questioned.

“If the bank does not sell foreign currency, we will all have to go to the informal market. Necessity will cause the price of foreign exchange in the ‘informal market’ to skyrocket above the rate set by the bank,” he added.

For his part, the user Mayito Sánchez performed the following analysis: “The idea would be that if I enter Cuba with 100 dollars, the government will give me 12,000 pesos, right? So the street people would have to give me at least 15,000 or 20,000 for me to go with them. I would have to risk being scammed on the street, looking for someone who wants to haggle with me. It is easier for me at the airport or at Cadeca to sell them at 120”.

“Those who want to buy me on the street, who are the needy, spend a thousand and one nights to collect a little money in CUP to reach 120. Will they be able to collect more money to motivate me to sell them to them?” he asked.

While José Luis Gutierrez Carballo opined that the measure reaffirmed the state of bankruptcy of the Cuban economy. Just as he questioned: “If the regime is going to buy at 120 and not sell; How much will those who need thousands of dollars to emigrate have to buy it for?

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