Regime declares Nicaraguan Mother's Day as a national holiday

Regime declares Nicaraguan Mother’s Day as a national holiday

The Sandinista steamroller in the National Assembly approved with 91 votes in favor and 0 against a reform to the Labor Code, in which May 30 is declared a national holiday in celebration of Nicaraguan Mother’s Day. With this reform, the work calendar will have 10 national holidays in the country.

In the law initiative, article 66 of the Labor Code was reformed to include May 30 in the list of national holidays. “The following are mandatory national holidays with the right to rest and salary: January 1, Good Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 30, July 19, September 14 and 15, December 8 and 25,” the reform refers. .

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Sandinista deputy Carlos Emilio López said that the declaration of a national holiday is because they recognize Nicaraguan mothers in all areas of national life. “They are in all the institutions of the justice system, Nicaraguan mothers are in all decision-making spaces, which is precisely why Nicaragua has been ranked in the first places in the world as one of the countries that has most promoted equity and gender equality, there is not a single power of the State, a single organ of the State in which Nicaraguan mothers are not participating,” he said in praise of his regime.

He continued adding that, “Today the National Assembly of Nicaragua carries out an act of justice, an act of vindication and an act of restitution of rights by declaring May 30 as a national holiday, this is good news for all mothers. Nicaraguans without ideological political distinctions.

For its part, the Mothers of April Association (AMA) called for Nicaraguan Mothers’ Day to be declared a “Day of National Mourning” in memory of the loss of their children on May 30, recorded as one of the darkest and of the worst massacres of the April civic insurrection. In a march organized in support of the mothers of the victims of the repression led by the Ortega-Murillos, more than 20 deaths and some 200 injuries were recorded throughout the country. The dictatorship ordered to attack the demonstrators with bullets.

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Rosario Murillo announced last week that they will reform Law 185, the Labor Code, to include Mother’s Day as a national holiday with the right to rest and salary.

AMA assures that in the face of the regime’s refusal to recognize the crimes against humanity committed and to investigate the facts and “in the face of the lie that the dictatorship intends to impose; Let us unite our intelligence and knowledge from the different trenches to clarify the truth and prevent impunity.”

“In the face of the repression that seeks to sow terror, let us make efforts to prevent silence so that the love of the mother of Nicaragua not only resounds throughout the world but that they make it their own to pave the way to the truth that leads to those responsible for the crimes against humanity committed against the sons of daughters of Nicaragua to the courts,” says AMA in a statement released on its social networks.

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