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“Regardless of how I dress, everyone deserves respect”: Ana el Castillo for altercation with ‘manilarga’

"Regardless of how I dress, everyone deserves respect": Ana el Castillo for altercation with 'manilarga'

Ana del Castillo, Vallenato singer.

The young artist spoke after living an uncomfortable moment with a supposed follower.

Colombian News.

When she was on her way to one of her musical performances, the Vallenato singer Ana del Castillo was the victim of an act of harassment by an alleged fan.

The Guajira artist was besieged by several people to take a picture with her, among those several children, and suddenly without her noticing, a man touched her tail.

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Anna del Castillo. Photo: @anadelcastillo

Immediately, she turns to where several people are and claims that someone grabbed her buttocks. Immediately afterwards, two men who were guarding the artist try to disperse the fans and find the stalker.

“He didn’t go, he didn’t go,” can be heard in the video when an individual is accused of committing the act.

Finally, the one born in San Juan del Cesar, La Guajira, continued her walk very upset by what happened.

The following are the images that were recorded on the cell phone of one of the fans of the interpreter of “Tasty”:

After the impasse, Ana del Castillo spoke on her social networks through a video in which she reproached the attitude of her attacker.

“Regardless of how I dress and how I speak, I deserve respect,” emphasized the 23-year-old artist.

In turn, he questioned some comments from people who thought that “it was her fault for the clothes she was wearing”: “That machismo still exists but it doesn’t matter,” he said.

Here are his words of reflection:

Her followers agreed with her words and supported her:

“For the mere fact of being a woman, you deserve respect, you would have slapped her, never change your essence, Ana, whether they speak badly or well, but let them speak, continue your life, blessings”, “That’s right mija, defend your rights, you are from racamandaca nomejoda … a hug my ani», «You’re right Anita, that kind of disrespect should not be tolerated», «I think it’s very good that you make yourself respected friend, and it’s unfortunate that there is machismo to point out the woman for how she is dressed instead of promote respect for all human beings. were some of the comments on social networks.

Cover photo: @cantavallenato

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