Refrigerator workers union plans measures that will affect all industries

The Workers’ Federation of the Meat Industry and Allied (phoica) studies adopting new trade union measures that is discounted will affect the normal development of activities in industrial complexes throughout the countryso that make visible the lack of solutions to the irregularities that the businessman who owns two refrigerators has denounced: Frigocerro, in Durazno, and Agroindustria del Este, in Treinta y Tres.

Luis Muñoz, general secretary of the Foicacommented to The Observer that Diego Ortíz, owner of both industries, commits “serious irregularities” that have been reported to the corresponding offices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS).

As he added, “there are several faults, not respecting the awards corresponding to the remuneration of workers is just one example”.

In the next post, you can access theThe last complaint of irregularities made by the union.

Muñoz said that this, which has been constantly denounced, It is not something that has happened recently, given that the businessman incurred in those same irregularities when the Broad Front was at the head of the government..

Now, added “The government changed, but there are internal issues of the National party that are influencing so that there is no solution”.

He argued that “There are party political actors who somehow protect the businessman, that is undoubtedly influencing Ortíz to continue with the same attitude, which he does because nothing happens”.

“There is something so that the minister (Pablo Mieres), the mayor of Durazno (Carmelo Vidalín) and legislators close to the businessman do not have an impact on fixing this,” added the union leader.

For this reason, after having carried out several stoppages, different mobilizations and repeated public denunciations of what they understand to be an incorrect action by the employer, “We are going to analyze what to do, but somehow we have to insist so that something is done”.

Asked that there are other meatpacking companies that are proceeding in the right way and will be harmed by a measure that affects the sector as a whole, he replied that “the chambers that bring together the companies know that the businessman who owns Frigocerro and Agroindustrias del Este is in It is missing, they have recognized it in meetings in which the ministry has also participated, but they have not done anything to change the situation”.

Recently, la Foica received a message from the São Paulo state food industry workers’ unionBrazil.

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