Reforma a Ley para la Planificación y Gestión del Territorio integrará a las comunas

Reform to the Law for the Planning and Management of the Territory will integrate the communes

The member of the Permanent Commission of Ecosocialism of the National Assembly (AN), deputy Antonio Rumbos, informed that the reform of the Organic Law for the Planning and Management of the Territory has as an innovation the participation of the communal councils and the communes of the country.

Congressman Rumbos assured that this law “will generate a process of ordering the territory, not only of the continental shelf, but of the nation’s maritime space”, so that Venezuelans “are governed by this legislative framework” that requires ” the geographical, ecological, social and cultural characterization” of the country.

He also explained that, given the climate change that the world is suffering and the growth of the Venezuelan population, the law becomes more relevant due to the vulnerability and risk conditions of certain territorial spaces.

“The approach to urban planning on the coast must be different from that on the continental shelf in the interior of the country. The one who lives on a hill, a mountain or in the dunes has to have different life characteristics, and that is what the law seeks, “said the parliamentarian during the program coffee in the morning transmitted by Venezuelan Television.

Finally, he indicated that the law requires the typification of space from the geographical point of view for the life of the territory that is occupied by people and those included as national parks or monuments to establish norms for their preservation and good use.


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