Refidomsa obtains first fuel import license

The president of the Dominican Oil RefineryLeonardo Aguilera, highlighted the importance for the company of obtaining the fuel import license for the first time in its 49 years of operations.

He said that the decision of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mypimes marks a milestone in Refidomsa’s course as the main company in the sector.

“This decision marks a before and after in the history of Refidomsa, and opens up greater perspectives towards consolidation as the main oil derivatives company in the Dominican Republic, and further strengthens the vision we have of the role we must play in the sector,” Aguilera said.

“It seemed illogical to us that Refidomsawith 49 years in operation, had never had its license and under the impulse of President Luis Abinader we set out to achieve it to demonstrate that the law enters the house, “he said.

The executive referred to the issue after he received the license this Monday afternoon from Minister Víctor Bisonó in his MICM office.

Aguilera pointed out that obtaining the import license is added to other important initiatives that his management has implemented, with a view to giving more prominence to the company totally owned by the Dominican State.

Among them, he cited the incursion into the AC-30 market in October 2020, as well as the expansion of the infrastructure to have greater storage capacity for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

“Our management is characterized by proactivity in all corporate aspects with a view to putting the company in the best competitive conditions and responding to the expectations that President Luis Abinader has of it,” Aguilera said.

Upon handing over the license, Minister Bisonó declared that he was doing so “with great satisfaction” because it was the first time in the company’s history.

“We congratulate the Chairman of the Board of Directors of RefidomsaLeonardo Aguilera, and his team who with their effort and vision have met all the requirements required by law”, said Bisonó.

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