Red Parliament asks to commemorate #5Jul through art

The filmmaker Luis Alberto Mata, designated as the order speaker, called for the strengthening of the institutions that develop film productions in the country to tell the side of the story that the Chavista regime recognizes as true.

In a solemn parliamentary session and with the opening of the ark containing the independence act, signed in Congress on July 5, 1811, the National Assembly elected in 2020, chaired by Jorge Rodríguez, commemorated Venezuela’s Independence Day.

Senior officials, including Delcy Rodríguez, Vladimir Padrino López and Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, Vice President, Minister of Defense and Minister of the Interior, respectively, attended an initial ceremony that was held in the Elliptical room of the legislative body.

The president of the red Parliament said that it is important to tell through art the episodes that preceded July 5, 1811 and highlight the role played by different historical figures to achieve the liberation of the country.

«If something allows the rescue and recovery of the word and the facts that led to our freedom, it is the recreation of them from the force of art, image, music and lyrics. If there is something that combines them in a single expression of art, that is the cinema, ”said the Chavista official during his speech in the chamber.

To do so, Luis Alberto Mata, designated as the order speaker and who is a Venezuelan historian and filmmaker, asked that the institutions that carry out film productions in the country be strengthened, the Autonomous Center of Cinematography, for example, which by the way was created by the State during the second government of Carlos Andrés Pérez. He also proposed “expanding the horizons” of the Villa del Cine, inaugurated by the management of the late Hugo Chávez.

Earlier, the authorities of the administration of Nicolás Maduro began the protocol acts for the commemoration of Independence with the raising of the flag outside the National Pantheon, in Caracas. Among the attendees were also Padrino López and Ichazo, who, as it was also the National Armed Forces Day, congratulated the Venezuelan soldiers and assured that they remained in “unity, fight, battle.”

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