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Recommended Portfolio: How to work to get fired?

This is a story of change that will allow you to open your senses, listen to yourself and gather strength to make things happen. Those things of change that you want and are perfectly capable of creating. The wonderful thing about reading a book is the creation of a relationship between the pages and you; there are no judgments or blame: just a space for you, your ideas and your heart.

There are some real and inspiring examples that will awaken ideas of change and the strength to carry them out. It is not written for those who do not want to move: it is for all those who know they must and hesitate, for those who feel fear and cling to the door frame they fear to cross.

The world needs empowered leaders, detached from ego and selfishness, who believe in the infinite abundance that exists in the universe to understand that the quotas of success are not counted, that there is plenty for everyone; especially, for all those who are willing to live in prosperity and renounce poverty in all its aspects.
In this book you will find:

1. Reasons to learn that change is a step that brings you closer to new possibilities to evolve and grow.

2. Mindfulness exercises to identify what bothers you and face the fear generated by facing an important change.

3. The key question “why not?”: Why not dare? Why not try? Why can’t it be me?…

4. And how to work every day “to get fired”: vibrate with what you do, leave a mark and influence others for a greater benefit and the well-being of society.
“The fascinating thing about this work by Adriana Arismendi is that it reaches us against the grain of current trends. In the age of data and technology, she focuses on the human. Given her obsession with material success, she emphasizes personal growth. And in times when everything is made public, she calls us to introspection. A true cookbook for transformation and leadership that is enjoyed from beginning to end”, comments Rodolfo Echeverría, global vice president creative The Coca-Cola Company.
A book to decide to create a style in which fear and rules are not priorities.


irreverent leader
Author: Adriana Arizmendi
Label: Connect



The habit of unbelief
Author: Yong Kang Chan
Seal: Uranus

The habit of unbelief


We are all familiar with that inner voice that, in one way or another, boycotts us: you will never amount to anything, nobody loves you, you are not a good mother, you do not deserve to be loved… It is possible that repressing those thoughts helps temporarily and it may reduce the frequency of the pain, but it does not resolve the underlying emotions, which lie deep in our minds.

The reality is that we cannot change most of our thoughts. Instead, we can relate differently to them. What if there was no need to silence the inner critic? Why not distrust our own thoughts? Mindfulness techniques to practice the habit of disbelief. Questioning the veracity of what the mind says.


cure old age
Author: Jean-Marc Lemaître
Label: Humensciences Editi

cure old age


EFE. What if old age were a disease against which you can act? This is the conviction of researcher Jean-Marc Lemaître, who claims to have the key: cell reprogramming, which his team has already successfully tested on human skin. “When we say that it is normal to age, it is so. But we can do it being a little younger to continue doing what we have always done in our lives”, explains Lemaître, in Guérir la Vieillesse (Cure Old Age). The director of the French Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapies (IMRB) is aware of the ethical reticence towards his research.


Sovereign, apprentice plant
Author: Silvana Lena
Seal: Intermediate

Sovereign, apprentice plant


At first glance it is a recipe book, but it goes beyond just satisfying the palate. It is a work that creates community around plant-based eating, written by one of the most powerful athletes and amateur cooks in Colombia. Yes, it is a recipe book, but to nourish the body, soul and spirit through a personal narrative. Share research on the topic of vegan food and nutrition. The reader will find a story that will invite him to discover food as a language that will allow him to create, experiment, test and develop the ability to feel comfortable in his body and in the environment he inhabits.


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