Recommendations for transparent public procurement

Recommendations for transparent public procurement

The International Center for Private Enterprise (CIPE) with the support of IPSOS, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, the Quito Chamber of Commerce and the Private Anti-Corruption Council of Peru, conducted a survey of more than 2,000 entrepreneurs in 2021 and 2022 of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, to know their impressions regarding the corruption that occurs at the time of contracting with the State.

(The countries that most hire Colombian workers).

The results of this survey were validated with the entrepreneurs through virtual workshops, which had the advice of experts in public procurement from the three countries and were the fundamental basis for CIPE to build a roadmap with recommendations for contracting with the state.

For this reason, on August 18, within the framework of the National Day for the Fight against Corruption, CIPE will present the results of the survey and socialize the constructed roadmap. This will be done within the framework of the forum “Opportunities for Transparent Public Procurement in the Andean Region”in order to develop a culture of integrity that helps organizations make ethical decisions, promote transparency in contracting with the State and maintain public trust.

Some of the results of this survey are as follows:

• The perception of corruption is today at levels very similar to those observed twenty years ago. In 2002, 70% of those surveyed considered that corruption had increased in the last two years. In 2022 that percentage remained relatively constant at 68%.

• The lack of transparency in local government contracting processes worsened considerably. Currently 1 out of 2 businessmen does not consider the contractual processes of their local administration to be transparent or reliable. In 2022, 1 in 4 entrepreneurs surveyed had this same perception.

• Entrepreneurs consider public contracting processes to be increasingly complex and have chosen not to participate. In 2022, 94% stated that they have regretted participating in any public procurement process, while in 2002 only 68% made this decision.

This forum will be installed by Andrew Wilson, Executive Director of CIPE in Washington, DC. and will feature the participation of Nicolás Uribe, president of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce; Juan Rivadeneira, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce of Quito and Eduardo Herrera, director of the Private Anticorruption Council of Peru. It will be held in person in the city of Bogotá at the Salitre headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and which will be open to the public. prior registration.

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