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Recognition project for Volunteer Firefighters

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Deputy Martín Melazzi presented a bill, drafted jointly with his advisor lawyer on this matter, Dr. Martín Migues, where the National Administration of Volunteer Firefighters is created with the aim of granting the appropriate legal framework to the figure of volunteer firefighters who in fact they exist, in the national territory.

As stated in the explanatory memorandum of the aforementioned project “… notwithstanding that the “National Directorate of Firefighters” has highly trained and experienced personnel, volunteer firefighters offer valuable help in urgent and emergency situations.

Being a volunteer firefighter is an emotionally rewarding, motivating experience, which constitutes a first response service and rapid attention, in order to reduce the arrival times of the detachments that are more distant…

… In our country there are currently around 150 volunteer firefighters, a number that tends to increase, organized in various groups. His actions are apolitical and secular.”

It is important to highlight that the volunteer firefighter is not autonomous, he must always act under the direct supervision of an official from the National Fire Department.
The motivation of the volunteers is based on the vocation of service and a great passion to help society. His deep feeling makes a substantial difference in pursuit of the well-being of the community.

To say of Melazzi: “This law comes in good time to satisfy the existing imperative need.”

Secretary of the Colorado deputy from Soriano, Martín Melazzi

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