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Ten of the technicians who will compete in the first championship of the year have already tasted the elixir of what it means to win a title; Francisco Arce, Daniel Garnero, Julio César Cáceres, Pedro Sarabia, Miguel Zahzú and Roberto Torres were already League monarchs.

Gustavo Florentín gave the Olympic return with Guaraní in the first Paraguay Cupin 2018. Humberto García is the new monarch of the Paraguay Super Cup 2022, with Sportivo Ameliano and Humberto Ovelar and José Arrúa reached the title in the Intermediate Division.

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This is the curriculum of the 12 coaches who will start the first tournament of the year:

FRANCISCO ARCE (CERRO PORTEÑO): Paraguayan (51 years old).

He is the most winning coach in Barça history (3 titles). Arce owns six other records.

1)-He is the coach who led the Cyclone in the most matches (218) between Primera, Copa Paraguay, Supercopa and international tournaments (he missed four: three in the League and one in the Libertadores).

2)- He is the only Paraguayan strategist to reach the championship title with Cerro Porteño and Olimpia.

3)- He owns the longest undefeated streak of a coach in local football (27 matches: 17 wins and 10 draws).

4)- With 21 classics for the Cyclone (Liga, Super Cup and Libertadores), he is, along with Egidio Landolfi, the coach who has faced Olimpia the most times.

5)- He is the Barça coach who won the most classics in the League (8 wins).

6)- He is the only Paraguayan soccer coach who achieved 11 consecutive wins in the same tournament (Apertura 2020).

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DANIEL GARNERO (LIBERTY). Argentine (53 years old).

With 7 Olympic laps, he became the most winning coach of this century and also ranked second, along with Aurelio González, among the most successful in the entire history of the APF (1906 – 2022).

Garnero is also one of the two coaches (the other is Sergio Markarián) who managed to win three different clubs (Guaraní, Olimpia and Libertad). In the Dean he reached a four-time championship (2018-2019). In Libertad he won the scepter in the Apertura 2021 and Apertura 2022 tournaments and with Guaraní he won the Clausura 2016 title.

JULIO CÉSAR CÁCERES (OLIMPIA). Paraguayan (43 years old).

In his short career as a senior team coach he has already won three titles; the Paraguay Cup and the 2021 Super Cup and the 2022 Clausura. He has 72 official matches in Olympia between local and international. He won 41 times, tied 13 and lost in 18 duels and captured 62.9% of the points played.

PEDRO SARABIA (NATIONAL). Paraguayan (47 years old).

He has to his credit two titles in the highest category with Libertad (Opening and Closing of 2014). In the 2022 Paraguay Cup, he won the vice-championship with La Academia. In his career, he has accumulated 232 meetings between locals and those organized by Conmebol (he missed one due to covid). He achieved 102 wins, 61 parities, 69 falls and reached 52.7% effectiveness.

RODRIGO LOPEZ (GUARANI). Uruguayan (44 years old).

He debuted in the Legendary as a coach. He still did not have the satisfaction of shouting champion as a League coach. He led 72 matches between the First Division, Copa Paraguay and Copa Sudamericana (21 wins, 31 draws and 20 losses) and added 43.5% of the units in dispute.

GUSTAVO FLORENTIN (LUQUEÑO). Paraguayan (44 years old).

He entered the great history of Paraguayan soccer by becoming the first champion strategist of the Paraguay Cup, with Guaraní, in 2018, undefeated.

Add 105 matches as a strategist (League and Paraguay Cup). He won 36 presentations, drew 30 and lost 39. He accumulated 43.8% productivity.

ROBERTO TORRES (GUAIREÑA). Paraguayan (50 years old).

“Shark” accumulates two titles in the highest category. He reached the scepter with Cerro Porteño (Apertura 2015) and with Libertad (Apertura 2016). In his coaching career he has reached 190 official matches between locals and internationals, achieving 77 wins, 57 parities, 56 losses and 50.5% effectiveness.

MIGUEL ZAHZÚ (RESISTANCE). Argentine (55 years old).

His greatest achievement in the main category was the title won with Luqueño in the 2007 Apertura tournament, although he later lost the overall title of the season against Libertad. In the highest category he has recorded 128 matches between the League and pre-South American. (41 successes, 42 draws, 45 losses and 43% efficiency.

ROBERT PEREIRA (TACUARY). Paraguayan (54 years old).

In the First Division he was coach of Gral. Caballero ZC, General Díaz, 12 de Octubre and Tacuary. He has managed 52 matches (First and Paraguay Cup) and added 16 wins, 8 draws and 28 losses and 35.8% of the points achieved.

HUMBERTO GARCIA (AMELIANO). Paraguayan (48 years old).

“Botellón” had his return with glory at Sportivo Ameliano, consecrating himself champion of the Paraguay Super Cup version 2022.

With Ameliano he also achieved promotion to the First Division in 2021. He has accumulated 206 official matches (Liga, Copa Paraguay, Supercopa and Copa Sudamericana), reaching 61 successes, 54 parities and 91 falls and 38.3% effectiveness.

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HUMBERTO OVELAR (GENERAL CABALLERO). Paraguayan (53 years old).

His greatest achievements were promotions to first division with San Lorenzo (2014) and Gral. Caballero (2021). “Loro” has registered 105 first-round matches (24 wins, 26 draws and 55 losses). He adds 31% of the points in dispute.

JOSE ARRÚA (TRINIDENSE). Paraguayan (34 years old).

The youngest of all the coaches who will start the Apertura 2023. He achieved the Intermediate 2022 title with “Triqui”. victories, 8 parities and 10 defeats and 27% of the points achieved).

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