Reactions to an almost unprecedented event

Reactions to an almost unprecedented event

As the former President of the Republic, Julio María Sanguinetti, himself said, neither for President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva nor for anyone from his new government did the arrival of the Uruguayan President, Luis Lacalle Pou, go unnoticed along with two former presidents, one from the Front Amplio (left) and another from the Colorado Party (right), in the city of Brasilia, before presidents and delegations from various nations who observed that Uruguay was represented by four people: a head of state, two former presidents and a minister of Foreign Relations.

The images that came from Brasilia, which showed good harmony and respect between the three political figures, went around several countries through the media. This also led to the fact that, precisely from Uruguay, there were several figures and actors who used social networks to comment on the photos and videos that showed the current head of state together with the two former heads of government.

The Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Daniel Sturla, told Underlined that Sturla said: “I love that the president has invited President Mujica and President Sanguinetti to go to Brasilia together on January 1.” He also added that “I think it’s a precious sign and somehow what all Uruguayans, or most of us, were waiting to say: ‘we can think differently, but we don’t have to be at odds'”

For his part, the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi, wrote on his Twitter account that “The image of the representation of Uruguay, with President Lacalle Pou accompanied by Sanguinetti and Mujica fills me with pride. And seeing Lula enter the seat of government together with representatives of a people other than him squeezes my heart. Thank you 2023, you started well”.

The MPP senator, Sebastián Sabini, stated in the LadoB program, on TV Ciudad, that “It is a good sign that Uruguay resumes a certain tradition in terms of international relations, where we have not been very good and it would seem that we have no direction.”

Meanwhile, the deputy of the National Party, Juan Martín Rodríguez, told the TV Ciudad channel that the presence of President Luis Lacalle Pou accompanied by the two ex-presidents “highlights the presence of Uruguay”, while adding that he thinks that the Lula government Da Silva will possibly be pragmatic.

Carolina Cosse, mayor of Montevideo, also referred to the trip of the president together with the two former heads of state to Brazil. “He is good at rebuilding the image that Uruguay has to do abroad. We have a very damaged image due to the case of corruption in the Executive Tower and we must begin to rebuild it and we must be systematic in that reconstruction, “she said at a press conference.

The mayor did consider that “it is not enough with sporadic events”, and added: “It seems to me that it was a very good gesture from the president and the former presidents; we have to continue, with this alone it is not enough ». “The image that we are giving abroad, in international organizations is complicated,” she said. In this line, she affirmed that this is clear to her “from comments” received.

In this event, and with the passing of the hours, the social networks were filled with comments from users of different political factions, the vast majority of them acknowledging that despite the existing differences between the fronts, whites and colorados, what happened in Brazil was undeniably a fact that strengthens the image of the country’s democracy.

The media of different nations of the continent also had space to publish, as news other than Lula’s inauguration, the presence of President Lacalle Pou and the two former Uruguayan presidents, qualifying the signal as an event that should be observed and the time also learn.

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