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Re-elected, Azevêdo says that Paraíba will help Lula to "pacify" the country

Re-elected with 52.5% of the valid votes, the governor of Paraíba, João Azevêdo (PSB) said that, under his political command, Paraíba will help the future government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to “pacify” and “rebuild” the country. .Re-elected, Azevêdo says that Paraíba will help Lula to "pacify" the country

“I am very happy to have been elected at such an important moment in Brazilian democracy, together with President Lula, to rebuild the country. Paraíba has its share of contribution in this process of reconstruction of the entire country”, declared Azevêdo when making a quick statement after the Electoral Justice announce the result of the election, last night (30).

“What do we want, starting tomorrow [hoje], is to unite Paraíba. Pacify Paraiba. The state election process is over. The federal election process is over. We are now a single country and a single state”, added the governor, attributing his victory to the union of different political forces.

“This victory was not individual. This is a collective victory”, declared Azevêdo, who ran for re-election representing the party coalition formed by PSB, PP, PSD, PMN, Pros, Avante, Solidariedade, Podemos, Republicans, Patriota and Agir (former PTC).

Civil engineer and retired professor from the Federal Institute of Paraíba (IFPB), the governor is 69 years old and will be seconded by his deputy, Lucas Ribeiro (Progressive), 33 years old. In the first round of the elections, the two received 39.65% of the valid votes of the state, ending up ahead of the opposing slate, formed by Pedro Cunha Lima (PSDB) and Domiciano Cabral (Citizenship) – who, in this second round, obtained 47, 4% of valid votes.

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