Raverta and Mendoza sign an agreement to add businesses from Quilmes to "ANSES benefits"

Raverta and Mendoza sign an agreement to add businesses from Quilmes to "ANSES benefits"

(Photo Twitter: @FerRaverta).

The executive director of Anses, Fernanda Raverta, and the mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, signed this Wednesday a agreement to incorporate businesses associated with the Somos Quilmes card into the Anses Benefits programwith the aim that those who receive any benefit from the organization have access to discounts in local affiliated stores.

During the act, which was held at the San Francisco Solano Chamber of Commerce, Raverta recalled that pending “discussion of a law that will allow men and women who do not have 30 years of contributions to continue retiring like those who do, and without that law, Argentine families would be left without the possibility.”

“In Quilmes there are 115,000 retirees and pensioners and the vast majority retired due to moratorium. That is why It is essential that the Pension Debt Payment Plan be law”stressed the owner of Anses.

In addition, he pointed out that “it is a time of balances and from Anses we reflect on our role accompanying each one of the Argentine families.”

In this sense, he assured that “the Anses Benefits program is a policy designed from solidarity, which is committed to the growth of the city and its businesses”, and stressed that “Anses benefits, retirements and allowances always go into the pocket of the Argentine families who put them in their neighborhoods and in their local businesses”.

For her part, Mayra Mendoza affirmed that Through this agreement it will be possible to “double the number of adhered businesses and complement the benefits that our Quilmeños neighbors have.”

“Through an articulated policy between the Nation and the Municipality, we are going to reach more Quilmeños with these programs. That is the sense that we have every day in our work”, added the mayor of Quilmes.

Mendoza stressed the importance of “being able to make the life of the Quilmeños a little easier and happier.”

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the general secretary of Anses and deputy executive director of Operation of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund, Santiago Fraschina.

Photo Twitter FerRaverta
(Photo Twitter: @FerRaverta).

The agreement seeks that the residents who receive some benefit from the organization have access to discounts in nearby adhered premisesAnses explained in a statement,

This agreement allows those who collect any of the social security benefits “access the 10 percent refund on all purchases on Mondays, using the debit card.”

The “Beneficios Anses” program has 10,103 businesses incorporated throughout the country and during 2022 it was possible to diversify the supply of items which include supermarkets, clothing, transportation, pharmacy and perfumery, household items, construction, painting, hardware, bookstores, computers, optics, footwear, and automotive parts.

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