Raúl Castro travels to Venezuela to pay tribute to Hugo Chávez

A Cuban delegation, led by former President Raúl Castro, arrived in Venezuela on Saturday to pay tribute to Hugo Chávez, 10 years after his death.

At the international airport of Maiquetía, in the state of La Guaira, the sectoral vice president of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez, received the Cubans, according to report of Latin Press (PL).

Castro, Army General, arrived accompanied by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, Deputy Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez.

“Hugo Chávez was an extraordinary man, a friend of #Fidel and of #Cuba. 10 years after his death, his example and ideas are still valid. His impact on history was like a ray of hope that shook not only #Venezuelabut also to Our America”, Manuel Marrero wrote on Twitter.

This Sunday, the presidents of Bolivia and Nicaragua, Luis Arce and Daniel Ortega, respectively, arrived in Caracas. The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales and the former president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya were already in the country.

The commemoration acts for the tenth anniversary of the death of Hugo Chávez began on Friday when leaders of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) began activities in different states of the country.

Chávez died on March 5, 2013 at the age of 58, a victim of cancer and is considered one of the most transcendental and controversial figures of the beginning of the century in Latin America, the Spanish agency points out. efe.

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