Ration or rationalize water?

Ration or rationalize water?

However, in the media we read phrases such as the following: “How to rationalize water to help with the water emergency”, “The Ministry alleges that money must be rationalized” or “The future of viticulture depends on rationalizing water” .

He Spanish dictionary notes that ration is ‘to subject something to an ordered distribution’ or ‘to limit the consumption of something’. As the combinatorial dictionary points out Practical, used usually with names denoting food supplies and other units of consumption (light, medication…): «As of January, a voucher system was implemented to ration food». By your side, rationalize means ‘to make rational something’according to him student’s dictionary, and is combined with nouns that indicate administration, expense or management: «The organization asks to rationalize the consumption of drinking water».

Thus, it is advisable to book ration for the products restricted and rationalize for consumption, management, handling, etc.of these, as required by the Royal Spanish Academy on his Twitter account: ration the water, rationalize the use of water.

Thus, in the first examples it would have been preferable to write “How to ration water to help with the water emergency”, “The Ministry alleges that money must be rationed” and “The future of viticulture depends on rationing water”.

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