Raquel Peña afirma necesidades de la gente son centro de políticas públicas

Raquel Peña affirms the needs of the people are the center of public policies

VILLA ALTAGRACIA.- Vice President Raquel Peña assured this Friday that the “First You” inclusion sessions, which are developed by the Strategic Projects and Special Programs of the Presidency (Propeep), are a sign that the needs of the people are the center of the public policies of the Government.

The deputy president made the statement when leading, together with Minister Neney Cabrera, the opening of a day of social inclusion in the La Altagracia community, in the Villa Altagracia municipality, where more than three thousand people with limited resources and in conditions of vulnerability benefited. .

“We made a commitment to the Dominican people, to work day by day, to ensure that you have a better quality of life, and this is a sign that we are complying,” said the vice president when addressing those who came to receive the services.

He recalled that in the days that Propeep develops, 12 other public institutions participate, which provide all the services that people need, so that they do not have to travel to Santo Domingo or other cities.

He said that Minister Cabrera, as responsible for Propeep and these days, has understood and followed the direct instructions of President Luis Abinader, who has ordered his officials to work every day and without rest, to improve the quality of life of Dominicans. .

“For the government of President Luis Abinader, people are at the center of public policies, and we as public servants only have one mandate: to work so that you live with dignity every day,” he said.

On her side, Neney Cabrera reiterated that the “First You” social inclusion days are part of the Government’s effort, which works for each Dominican, without political distinction or of any other nature.

“The only condition required to receive the services is that you are Dominican, and require these services,” Cabrera said.

He stated that in none of the conferences are people asked what their party is, since the objective is to solve the problems of each Dominican who lives in conditions of vulnerability and extreme poverty, without taking into account political flags.

This is the 17th social inclusion event carried out by Propeep this year and the second in Villa Altagracia, through the National Plan for the Reduction of Poverty and the Promotion of Social Inclusion “Dominicana Digna”. In the first quarter of this year alone, more than 48,000 people have benefited from the State services offered in the operations.

After concluding the opening ceremony, Vice President Peña and Minister Cabrera conducted a supervision tour of the classrooms of the Javier Ángulo Guridi Primary School, where the activity was held.

Beneficiary testimony

Mrs. María Asencion Paniagua, 83 years old, valued these days positively, due to how favorable they are for the communities, which in her case takes the opportunity to look for her pills and medicines, which Promesecal gives away.

“I feel very happy, because they gave me my medications and they signed me up so that I can get my pension,” said Asencio, who assured that he received good attention and good treatment.

Authorities present at the activity

Also present were the civil governor of the San Cristóbal province, Pura Casilla; the Administrative Vice Minister of the Presidency, Igor Rodríguez; the director of the National Price Stabilization Institute (Inespre), Iván Hernández; the Major General of the Army of the Dominican Republic, Otaño Jiménez; Deputy Mayor Glenys Thompson, and the director of Dominicana Digna, Adolfo Pineda, among others.

Services and institutions

Ophthalmology, dentistry, general medicine, cardiology and tests for the detection of breast, cervix and prostate cancer are offered at the sessions.

In addition, young people are registered to enter the my first job program and be able to opt for a scholarship to study technical careers at ITLAS, in the vocational schools of the Armed Forces. and the National Police and INFOTEP.

It also registered adults and the elderly to opt for solidarity pensions, the Supérate card, late registration in the JCE, and the delivery of medicines to pregnant women and other people who require them and the distribution of thousands of cooked food rations and the INESPRE combo with products from the basic basket.

Entities participating in the conference

Promese-Cal, the National Health Service (SNS), the Price Stabilization Institute (INESPRE), the National Health Insurance (SENASA), the National Disability Council (CONADIS), the National Council for Aging (CONAPE), the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) and the Economic Kitchens of the Presidency.

Also the Ministry of Labor, the National Institute for the Integration of Early Childhood Care (INAIPI), the National Institute for Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP), the Vocational Schools of the Armed Forces and the National Police, the Community Youth Police, the Central Electoral Board (JCE) and the Technological Institute of the Americas (ITLA).

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