Rapa Nui announces reopening for tourism starting this August 1 after being closed for 26 months due to the pandemic

The Government of President Gabriel Boric announced this day that Rapa Nui will reopen its borders for tourists and visitors, by increasing the flow of flights, as a way to respond to economic demands.

The decision was made after an interministerial coordination (National Assets, Health, Economy and Public Works) in conjunction with local authorities and the Latam airline, where the sanitary measures that will be implemented in the reactivation of tourism in Rapa Nui were defined. Starting this August 1.

Rapa Nui has not received tourists of any kind for 26 months due to the threat of the pandemic to the territory. Therefore, the actions to be followed were defined at the meeting so that the reopening does not have complexities between the Rapanui and visitors from Chile and the world.


In economic and tourist matters, it is indicated that the Mataveri airport will have improvements in its infrastructure to respond to the detection of Covid-19 infections. Sanitary improvements will also be enabled in hotels, restaurants and MiPymes that have been in trouble during this long time.

Currently there is a weekly flight to the Island, during the first days of August this measure will be maintained, but they will already be able to bring passengers who are going to vacation in Rapa Nui. As the days go by, it is contemplated to increase the flow of flights up to three weekly -depending on the epidemiological situation- and exceptions will be established in the mandatory quarantines. To achieve this, the Government requires that 80% of the local population be vaccinated.

In terms of health, testing, traceability and isolation will be reinforced; added to the increase in PCR and antigen tests, to respond to the rise in the floating population that the island will have.

The Executive will enable health residences, being a joint effort of the Ministries of the Interior, Economy and Health, to identify and enable the spaces. There will be a limit of positive cases allowed in Rapa Nui, in case of exceeding their numbers, it will be put on alert and it can be closed again.

For MSMEs there will also be help through the Chile Support Plan, which will provide the necessary tools. The Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur will also create campaigns to promote and coordinate tourism in the Polynesian territory.

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