Ramos fairs installed in 3 districts of El Alto

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The traditional Palm Fair that takes place every year in the city of El Alto was installed yesterday in districts 4, 5 and 14, where producers from the 20 provinces of the department of La Paz will offer a variety of agricultural products.

“Annual Productive Palm Fair” is the name of the commercial activity that will be officially open from this Saturday until Friday, April 15, when Good Friday is commemorated and is a holiday throughout the country.

offer variety

Artisans, ranchers, producers, entrepreneurs from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises arrived at these trade points to offer a variety of products to the public, from handicrafts, food, gastronomy, services, textiles, leather, wood, plants of different species, sheep, cattle, camelids, even pigs, informed the Mayor’s Office.

“We are promoting and supporting our artisan brothers. Producers from the 20 provinces and some departments will attend. We invite the population so that they can visit the fair starting today”, said Bernaldo Huanca, Secretary of Economic Development.

In addition to the variety of products, people who attend with minors will find children’s games and recreations to enjoy as a family.

The areas where the fairs were installed are: Mariscal Sucre, Bautista Saavedra and Tawantinsuyo, from the three districts.

Juan Carlos Apaza, director of Productive Development of Small and Medium Enterprises of the municipality, reported that a group of people with disabilities will have a stand.

“We will show the entrepreneurship of producers supporting economic reactivation and inclusion,” he added.

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