Rains of this #5Jun affected several families in the center of Caracas

Rains of this #5Jun affected several families in the center of Caracas

On April 27 of this year, the Chavista government issued emergency presidential decree number 4,682, to address the damage caused by the rains in Venezuela this season.

The rains recorded this Sunday, June 5, left a family affected and affected the homes of two others in the San José parish of the Capital District, in the center of Caracas, due to the overflow of the Caraballo creek. This was reported by the General Directorate of Shelters, attached to the mayor’s office of the capital, in charge of Carmen Meléndez.

Last April 26 this same creek went out of its bed, also due to the downpours of that time, generating the flooding of several houses and the consequent loss of property of many of the habitats of the Nazarene sector.

«From the Nazareno sector, in San José, our Director of Shelters Mayor of Caracas, together with the highest authorities of Civil Protection liberator, and the councilor Danniellys Angilo are preventively attending to 2 affected families and one victim, due to the structural collapse of their home, ”they pointed out on social networks.

In April of this year, the administration of Nicolás Maduro issued the presidential emergency decree number 4,682to address the damage caused by the rains in Venezuela. The states declared in emergency were Mérida, Zulia, Trujillo, Táchira, the Libertador municipality and the Caracas Metropolitan Area. It is still in force since it would have a duration of 90 days, of which more than half have elapsed.

In accordance with information reviewed by the newspaper Cocuyo Effectcurrently in the western part of the country the tropical wave number four, who is generating the torrential rainfall in much of the national territory, according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology, Inameh, which warned that the skies will remain cloudy for the next 24 hours in the central region: Vargas, Carabobo, Capital District and Aragua.

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