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Rains in Tarija cause landslides on the highway and overflows of streams

Rains in Tarija cause landslides on the highway and overflows of streams

March 26, 2023, 3:26 PM

March 26, 2023, 3:26 PM

The intense pluvial precipitations in Tarija caused landslides on the road that connects Villa Montes with the capital of Tarija, at the height of Volcán Colorado.

Added to this fact are the overflows of ravines that flooded part of the route to Yacuiba.

The Bolivian Highway Administrator (ABC), through an official report, immediately ordered the displacement of the team heavy to the Colorado Volcano sector, affected by heavy rains.

“The Traffic closure in the Volcán Colorado sector, section 3, due to a collapse since eight in the morning. Once the rain stops, the company will proceed with the cleanup,” the document said.

The director of Environmental Management and Risks of the Government, Reiner Figueroa, said that for now it is the only mishap that is reported, since there is no temporary passage by that route, due to mud and rock slides.

In turn, the leader of the Auto Transport Departmental Federation, Marco Guaygua, urged members to drive with caution on the roads after the rains.

The prolonged rain since last night also caused the overflow of the Aguaray ravine, on Route 9 that links Villa Montes and Yacuiba, forcing the transit restricted to small vehicles only and not high-tonnage trucks.

Another overflow was reported, according to Radio Top 90.7 FM, in the Terán ravine; took part of the diversion platform, isolating the city of Yacuiba with neighborhoods and communities in the northern zone.

In the place, a vehicular bridge of the highway that connects with the city of Santa Cruz is under construction. Also, it was reported exit from a towed van initially, due to the flooding of the Lapachal Bajo stream, without personal consequences.

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