Rains cause blackouts in several areas of Havana

Havana Cuba. – After the rains of the last few hours, several areas of the capital were left in the dark. Neighbors of Hillone of the municipalities affected, report that several transformers “exploded” on Sunday night, which caused blackouts.

According to reports, last night at least three noises were heard around transformers in poor condition.

“That is something we are used to,” says Elsa de la Caridad Velázquez, a neighbor on Calle San Indalecio, in El Cerro. “Before it was because of the strong winds, but now, just a shower makes them explode,” she adds.

Although the provincial Basic Electrical Organization (OBE) assigned the number 18888 to report the breakdowns, after making several calls in search of answers, all unsuccessful, it is presumed that the service is collapsed.

Rains cause blackouts in several areas of Havana
Several circuits in Havana without electricity, on the night of this Sunday (Photo by the author)

An employee of the Electric Company who refused to be identified, assured CubaNet that “the first to give the blow was the circuit known as Apolo 13 of Arroyo Naranjo, which is one of the largest as it encompasses various popular councils such as Poey, Mantilla and others…”.

“From there, everything was a domino effect in the rest of the 14 affected circuits, which include Diez de Octubre, Cerro, San Miguel del Padrón, Regla and some areas of Central Havana…”, he specified.

According to the source, “the presence of 15 cars from the Provincial OBE has been confirmed, working in unison to repair the breakdowns in the shortest possible time. In addition, it ensures that “for each municipality, there is at least one or two guard cars supporting the work” to reverse the blackouts.

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