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Rain on the north coast of SP causes flooding and roadblocks

The intense and persistent rains that hit the north coast of the state of São Paulo since last night (18), cause roadblocks, collapse of barriers, floods, landslides, landslides, and affect the water supply in the region. Rain on the north coast of SP causes flooding and roadblocks

In São Sebastião, the city hall canceled the entire carnival schedule scheduled for today and declared a state of public calamity. According to the municipal administration, the city recorded 600 mm of rain in the last 24 hours – the historical average for the entire month of February is 229 mm – and is facing occurrences of landslides, landslides and flooding. Tourists and residents are advised to only leave their homes in an emergency.

The City Hall opened six schools to receive families displaced by the heavy rains. The municipality’s Social Fund is receiving donations to distribute to affected families: personal hygiene items, cleaning products and food.

In Ubatuba, the city hall reported that, this morning, there were 15 flooded streets in the city. Sections of the Rio-Santos highway, which crosses the municipality, were closed in both directions due to falling barriers.

The city still faces problems in the water supply. According to the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (Sabesp), responsible for supplying the municipality, the heavy rains compromised the quality of the water from the source where the collection that supplies the region is made. Forty neighborhoods in Ubatuba were affected.

“Water treatment had to be stopped due to the large amount of branches, mud and stones. The company operates on a reduced basis and teams are working to normalize the supply systems, remembering that properties without a water tank may experience a shortage,” Sabesp said in a note.

In Caraguatatuba, according to the Civil Defense, in the last 12 hours, the accumulated rainfall recorded was 232 millimeters – the historical average for the entire month of February is 287.4 mm in the city. According to the city hall, the city has 15 homeless people, welcomed by the municipal administration, and 44 displaced people, who went to relatives.

The Tamoios Concessionaire, which manages the main highway in the region, which connects the coast to the plateau area, informed that Serra Antiga is closed due to the volume of rains. Serra Nova operates on a train system with a stop and go system towards the coast and Vale do Paraíba.

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