Rafaela Guanes: "It is time to address the concern of the people"

Rafaela Guanes: “It is time to address the concern of the people”

The environmentalist and staunch activist for women’s rights, Rafaela Guanes de Laíno, is now running for the Senate for the PLRA with the dream of carrying out great social transformations.

Rafaela Guanes de Laíno, a political scientist with a long career, identified the urgent need to renew national politics and decided to run for the Senate for the Liberal Party, after accompanying the struggle of her husband Domingo Laíno for years,
staunch opponent of the Stronista regime.

What motivated you to run for senator?
Right now there are immense challenges for women. We fight a lot for gender equity and my party approved parity at the last convention. This is
a success that challenges you. I worked so hard for this and how can I not take that step forward in participation. In addition, I perceived a huge disconnect between
the concerns of the people and the political class. Changing this motivates me.

He fought against the dictatorship. How do you see democracy?
Now we no longer see policemen on every corner and electoral justice is not
in the hands of only three people. These types of changes were made in a democracy, but the pending issues are in the social sphere, in the demands of the people. That is absolutely pending. We have to work on that now and make the necessary transformations, within a process with much more speed. As the feminists used to say, along the path of little by little you reach the valley of never again. That’s why I’m focusing my campaign listening to people.

What error do you see in democracy?
In this country we have not even taken a minimal step towards democracy, which is alternation, which is a condition of democracy. This has not been fulfilled yet.
There was a short period that didn’t end, but that’s not alternation. More than 10 years ago we returned to the same scheme we had 30 or 40 years ago. Let’s keep in mind the reality of the people and in parallel study the big problems and carry out the transformations that the structure requires.

What reforms would you make?
The fight against corruption, which has been installed for decades, has definitely left its mark on its way of proceeding. When I talk about corruption, I mean seriousness, because it has already permeated many levels and must be eradicated. People have to understand that this is not the way, because it is deteriorating the social fabric
of the nation. The first thing we have to present is honest people.

What causes corruption?
Every school roof that collapses, every hospital without medicine. All
Those relatives who are putting up tents to be able to accompany their loved ones are the result of money that went into the pockets of few people. Corruption is murderous
is causing various social conflicts. For this reason, its eradication should be a priority task.

How to achieve equality?
It is for intelligent people to understand that the equality that exists in the Constitution is not applied in reality. One of the things I have learned is that on paper there is everything and in reality there is nothing. It seems that some are more equal than others. Thats the reality.
Equal opportunities do not exist. One of the things that must be done in this sense is to begin the educational reform in the primary sector.

Equality is key, how should we work on it?
If there is no tax justice, how is the State going to guarantee care for those who are waiting in hospitals today? Once this is achieved, they will also be able to
guarantee, for example, access to education. It is a moral imperative to understand that there is no other way to achieve it. If the resources are not available, how will these fundamental issues be guaranteed?

How do you see the subsidies?
Many people who raise their voices of indignation at any proposal
of support that the State may have in emergency situations for agriculture that has been hit hard. Subsidies No. Then, the first to go to ask for subsidies when they have problems with their companies are them. How many people have received subsidies. When the State goes to support vulnerable sectors, the clothes are torn. That is fair to us.

How to make reforms?
The issue with the State requires a serious debate. It is time to attend to the needs of the people and put an end to the disconnection that exists between citizen concerns and the political class. That is absolutely pending. You have to work now and make the necessary transformations, within a process with much more speed.

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