Racing returned to victory against Cuiabá in Brazil and shares the lead with Melgar

Racing returned to victory against Cuiabá in Brazil and shares the lead with Melgar

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Racing returned to victory just when it needed it most, by beating Cuiabá tonight as a visitor, 2-1, turning it around in the second half, with goals from Aníbal Moreno and Enzo Copetti, a result that favored the Brazilians by Marllon’s goal in the first stage of this match corresponding to the fourth date of Group B of the South American Cup whose first step the “Academy” shares with Melgar, from Peru, who by the same score and in the same condition beat River Plate In uruguay.

The team led by coach Fernando Gago began the game faithful to its current style: with possession of the ball and standing in the rival field to impose its offensive presence and try to open the scoring.

The first quarter of an hour continued in the same way, against a Brazilian team that felt uncomfortable and without clear game ideas in the face of total possession by “The Academy”, although without being able to define the plays in attack.

With the passing of the minutes, the locals dislodged Racing with a friction game, began to handle the ball and equalized the development of the game.

At 22 minutes, Avellaneda’s men had their first clear chance with a powerful shot by Leonel Miranda -after a clearance by Fabricio Domínguez- who went into the right corner and goalkeeper Walter took it out of the net.

The Brazilians were not far behind and 29 minutes opened the scoring with a headed goal from Marllon, in an offside position not charged by the Colombian referee Guillermo Guerrero, of poor performance (in the first phase of the contest there is no VAR).

After the goal in favor, those led by coach Pintado gained confidence and cornered Racing and even had the chance to increase the difference with a shot by Elton that hit the right post.

Near the end of the first stage, the “academics” got back into the game, they left the friction and dedicated themselves to playing, so they approached dangerously and went to rest with a better image.

AFP Photo
(AFP Photo)

At the start of the second stage Racing came out determined to find a draw with Tomás Chancalay overflowing from the left sector, a footballer who was key in the center that ended in Aníbal Moreno’s left-footed goal after three minutesafter a pass from Copetti.

The draw allowed “La Academia” to continue with their initial dominance against a bewildered Brazilian team, with more combat than game and no ideas to impose the locality.

An accurate free kick by Gonzalo Piovi at 14 minutes gave Copetti the chance to score and give him the partial victory his team with an exquisite definition of first.

The rest of the game had Racing as the clear dominator, they managed the midfield, they were vertical, although they could not define it with another goal in favor.

On the next date (5th.) Racing will receive precisely Melgar, from Peru, in a match that will be played at Cilindro de Avellaneda, while the Brazilians will visit River in Montevideo, in both cases in matches to be played on May 18 .

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