Racing, champion again against Boca and with controversy

Racing, champion again against Boca and with controversy

There is no case. It seems impossible to avoid it. If a cross story arises between xeneizes and academics, surely the controversy will take over the scene. Racing is not interested now. Far away from Argentina, in Abu Dhabi, he enjoys it. enjoy it. It’s that he raises another glass. This time the International Super Cup. Another star… Boca does care. It is that everything escaped him in added time, in that photo 47 of the second half, for that penalty that was charged against him and that it was to interpret …

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Judge Fernando Rapallini understood that Agustín Sandez intentionally touched the ball with his hand, even though it had hit the ground and previously bounced off his body. A more than fine arbitration decision. Gonzalo Piovi did not hesitate to execute with an unstoppable missile that made the Academy champion of this strange cup, which is being played for the first time and which pits the champion of the Argentine league (Boca) against the winner of the Champions Trophy (Racing). .

Boca scores first but Racing reacts

It all started with Boca smiling and giving the first cry. A whiplash from Facundo Roncaglia broke the zero when almost nothing was happening, when Racing had the ball but it didn’t hurt. However, he reacted more than well to the goal against. Because immediately the returned Maxi Moralez drew a beautiful assist, which found the xeneize defense out of place and Johan Carbonero in speed, who defined with solvency.

Fernando Gago’s Racing (he also put Juan Nardoni, who came from Unión, from the start) was superior to Hugo Ibarra’s Boca (Javier García was the starting goalkeeper and captain: message for Agustín Rossi, who has not yet renewed his contract), who for something in halftime brought out Norberto Briasco and included Ezequiel Fernández. It lacked a man in the middle. Everything balanced out.

outcome with controversy

There were a couple of situations on each side. The clearest, a deflected shot from Carbonero without a goalkeeper and from a closed angle. Until he crowned that hand that gave free rein to the debate, to the discussion.

After all, in this rivalry between the two greats of Argentine soccer, accentuated to the extreme in recent months, the Academy smiles again. Boca had first won the fight in the Argentine league, in a heart-stopping definition. Later, Racing had overcome him “by abandonment” in the single match for the Champions Trophy, which ended up suspended due to the multiple expulsions xeneizes. Now, in another cup of a single chapter, the albicelestes celebrate again. It had to be controversial.

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