Race and Equality second proposal to sanction judges "directly responsible for the repression in Nicaragua"

Race and Equality second proposal to sanction judges “directly responsible for the repression in Nicaragua”

The organization Race and Equality (Race, Equality) supports the proposal to include 14 judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Nicaragua, at the service of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, in the black list of the European Union.

The human rights entity asked the European Council that in the session on Thursday, May 12, the “executioners” of political prisoners be declared “directly responsible for the repression in Nicaragua” and be included in the list of those sanctioned by the EU .

Race and Equality pointed out, in his account of Twitterthat the Ortega judges found guilty the prisoners of conscience “with fabricated evidence that does not demonstrate the commission of any crime”, who have been sentenced to “disproportionate penalties for exercising their rights.”

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«The judges are responsible for serious violations of judicial guarantees and human rights against people arbitrarily detained and sentenced in Nicaragua!” he reiterated.

The “executioners” of the political prisoners of “El Nuevo Chipote”

The initiative to add the “executioners” to the black list of the European Union is led by MEPs Soraya Rodríguez, Javier Nart and Jordi Cañas. They allege that this group should be punished for prosecuting, convicting and sentencing hundreds of political prisoners since the beginning of the social protests in April 2018.

This is the list of judges proposed by MEPs:

Verónica Fiallos Moncada of the Ocotal Criminal District Court; Rosa Velia Baca Cardoza of the Chinandega First Criminal District Court; William Irving Howard López, from the Masaya Criminal District Court and Erick Ramón Laguna Averruz from the Estelí Department District Court.

Irma Oralia Laguna Cruz, of the Managua First Criminal District Court; Rolando Sanarrusia, Sixth Criminal Court Judge of Managua; and Melvin Leopoldo Vargas García of the Seventh Criminal District Court of Managua.

In addition, the list includes Nancy Aguirre Gudiel, of the Tenth Court of the Managua Criminal District; Félix Ernesto Salmerón Moreno, of the Fifth Criminal District Court of Managua; Ulisa Yaoska Tapia Silva, of the Thirteenth Criminal District Court of Managua.

They also included Nadia Camila Tardencilla, head of the Managua Second Criminal District Court; Ángel Jeancarlos Fernández González of the Fourth Criminal District Court of Managua; Karen Chavarría and Luden Martin Quiroz, of the Ninth Criminal District Court of Managua.

The High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, the Spaniard Josep Borrell, harshly criticized, on May 4, the regime of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, which he described as “one of the most repressive in the planet”.

Borrell considered inadmissible the fact of calling and holding elections “putting in jail and condemning all those who had the courage to present their candidacy” against Ortega’s.

In the EU “we will do everything possible to isolate Ortega and get the support of the countries of the region” to achieve this, assured the high European representative.

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