Quirós: “It is absurd that those who are registered in parties are independent candidates”

Angel Valdes | May 31, 2023

The pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for free Postulation, Eduardo Quirós, was on Radio Panama where he spoke about how the signature application process is going, the participation of candidates who are in political parties but present themselves as independent.

“For me it is absurd that the system is allowing those who are registered in political parties to be independent candidates, or it is chicha or it is lemonade, but it cannot be two things at the same time and the process has allowed this, which in my opinion is against of the spirit established by the constitution that there are two ways to participate in politics, one way is through a political organization if you are a member of a party and the other through free nominations, which is what we know as independents,” he said. Quirós

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