Quirós: Carrizo’s official candidacy will use state resources to benefit his proposal

Angel Valdes | February 8, 2023

In an interview with Radio Panama, the presidential candidate for free nomination, Eduardo Quirós, expressed that we must be very careful with the candidacy of Vice President Carrizo because he is from the party in government with all the resources of the state at his disposal.
“Carrizo’s candidacy is, in all its rigor, pro-government and re-election, pro-government means that he is going to use the resources of the state and all the power of the government to benefit that proposal, which they recognize and know that it has no electoral possibility but they are going to use that power they have for the benefit of that candidacy”, Quirós pointed out.
Regarding Vice President Carrizo’s promise to end corruption, Quirós believes that “this is the administration that Cortizo-Carrizo created, but Carrizo-Cortizo ended, so if he wants to end corruption, let it be now, let it be today and put an end to corruption by sending an ethical and transparent message, such as the absolute separation of any government management, from any interaction with high-level officials”.
When asked if former President Ricardo Martinelli can run in the 2024 elections, Quirós pointed out “I believe that Mr. Martinelli must be beaten at the polls to send him to his rightful place in history by the Panamanian people,” he concluded.

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